Saturday, April 20, 2013

Resistance is futile!

While I'm fully aware that Last Cinderella will not change the face of jdoramas or anything, this show has proven to be cracktastic! And the reason being:

Chlo-Meter: *speechless*

Sakura, a kind-hearted 39-year-old spinster hairstylist, finds herself the subject of Hiroto-kun's affections, a struggling 24-year-old BMX rider. AND HE IS SUCH A CHEESEBALL OMFG:
... and that was his opening line lmao. I don't think I will ever recover from this.
In fact, his entire swag existence is soooo cheesy, I'm actually surprised he is a hit with the ladies (but he obviously is, because steamy sex scenes galore omg). Maybe he's a gigolo on the side, idk. That would certainly explain why he is chasing after Sakura-san - ah yes, the details on the why is kind of sketchy. It seems that he's doing this as a favor for this hot chick/step-sister(?) that he hangs around with. It could also be for the money, idk. But yeah, that is how it starts and he lays it pretty thick on our poor defenseless Sakura.

But it looks like his usual wiles aren't working, and as he works her way into her heart, who's to say real feelings won't get in his way? Hee, I can't wait for that to happen.


  1. Hahaha - your Chlo-Meter always cracks me up!! I love it. :D

    I've downloaded the first episode of this but hadn't checked it out yet. I will have to asap!

    (btw, I emailed you the other day - did you get it? No hurry, just making sure it got there.)

    1. YESSS you def have to watch it, but I suggest marathoning it because once you've started, there's no turning back and the wait will kill you. It's torture!!!

      Oh I have yet to check my mail, hehe. Shall do so now, thanks for telling me :D

    2. omfg I'm so sorry LS, I totally forgot about the mail!! Will get on it soon ok i'm so sorry Q_Q

  2. Hi!
    Did you see his 'baby cheeks' on ep. 1? OMG, I'm older than him (but not as old as Sakura-san) and I still went asdflakdslkghlahf.
    Can't wait for the boys to 'fight' over her.
    Good to see you're back.