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Love, Now: Episode 18

Although Papa Yang is on Team Qi Ming (who's flabbergasted?), I've found proof that dad and his future son-in-law are indeed compatible:
Papa Yang's SHOCKFACE.


I rest my case. 

Chlo-Meter: jolly

Magic Power ft. Amber Kuo - "專屬魔力" (Exclusive magic)

The next morning, Shi De shows up at Feng Hua with a surprise present for Yi Ru, and it's none other than... Hamtaro! That's so cuteeeee. It took some cajoling for Yi Ru to accept it though.
At first, I was a teeny bit disappointed that it wasn't that ridiculously cute dog from the opening theme, but Shi De's allergies to pets about made up for it. (Well, I lie. It more than made up for it.) 

Because it makes him scratch himself.

Sexy personified! (Uh, it was in my mind, but somehow I ended up with this screenshot.)

Our hero is so proactive today, first hamster and now a meeting with his future in-law. First thing he does, he apologizes for having browbeat Yi Ru. Papa Yang forgives him readily, but offers his honest opinion:
Dad has heard from Aunt and he knows the reason why he's detest lies, but Shi De's unbending ways is a serious concern for him. "Not only will it hurt others, it will hurt you too."
Papa Yang: "Mr. Lan, I'm not you. I can't even begin to imagine how you must feel when you got conned. But what I know is, my daughter's sorrow during this incident. I'm a selfish father, I only want my daughter to be happy." 
When she cries, let it be tears of happiness, not sorrow. Shi De takes a deep bow and admits he was wrong. He understands Dad's predicament - he knows, it's all his fault, he had this coming. But...

Shi De: "Please believe me. I will fix my personality, and meet your expectations. I'll make her happy, I'll give her joy. I hope you'll be able to accept me."

After a hard day's work, Shi De meets up with Qi Ming, bonding over espressos as they laugh about hamtaro ("It's got a name now. Dou Dou.") This is pseudo friendship is so disconcerting, I had to take a minute to let it sink in. 

Shi De asks the Love Guru for his next move, but before Qi Ming helps him, he makes sure he's sincere. 
Qi Ming: "You won't back out no matter what?"  

Shi De: "I won't back out no matter what. No matter how long it takes... I'll wait for her."  
Qi Ming: "In this world, many are in over their heads. They only know how to talk the walk, but can you walk the talk?" 

Shi De: "I can."
And that concludes it. Qi Ming recommends a restaurant that has dishes Yi Ru will like, and Shi De thanks him. Though when he leaves, with a smirk he says to himself, "So you won't back out no matter what? That's just because you haven't experience one of her punches. If you had it'll be three steps back, and you'd wish you had hide yourself sooner." 

Dou dou~ 
Yi Ru lovingly plays with her new pet. Dad's face light up too, until he hears that Shi De's the one who gave it to her. Dad's worried and asks her what she thinks of Mr. Lan.

Finally, she opens up. It's complicated, she says. It's true that their time in Boracay was great, and her heart wavered. Even after coming back to Taiwan, he was so nice. But after that, a lot of things happened... her heart no longer skips a beat at the thought of him. 

Looks like she has forgiven him, but the damage has been done. (At least Show has given us a reason, you have NO idea how much hulksmashing I did in the past couple of episodes.)

Dad grabs one of her soft toys - it's a present Qi Ming gave her on their first date. Papa Yang not-so-subtly hints at Qi Ming - he'd rather she choose QM out of the two. Sure, dad. Because the way to your daughter's happiness is to let her marry a guy who'd cheat on her.

But Yi Ru says she won't choose either of them, she wants to focus on her work right now. Dad tells her to not lead Shi De on. She agrees.

Dou dou, don't you lose to that soft toy now. JUDGEMENTAL TOY IS JUDGING YOU.

Chloe Says

P.S: If you're reading this, Ahn, I've finally located the squishing sound - it's Papa Yang's slippers. If I'm not wrong, they're the generic brown kind that makes fart sounds when worn. It's super addictive :D

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Love, Now: Episode 17

*passes out from the awesome*
Although Yi Ru's reluctance is a head-scratcher, I'm really loving how the drama is addressing my biggest worry: Shi De being a dickhead to Yi Ru every time something untoward happens. Although only time will tell, he is taking that first step to better himself, so PROGRESS. Hurrah to Show for not glossing over this issue with the OTP's fantastic chemistry. Or Shi De in a vest. Shi De in general *__*


It's day one of the aftermath of her running away at dinner. Are you free tonight?" Shi De's SMS says. Looks like Yi Ru's plan to pour herself into her work can only do so much. Yi Ru's face is expressionless, while Shi De heaved a deep sigh at his office as he waits for her answer.
He even calls Angus in, to check whether his cellphone can send out messages. Aww. 

Just as he said that, the cellphone chimes. His face falls as he reads it; another long sigh. On the surface, there's nothing wrong with it - she's thanks him and says that as long as it's work-related, she's free. Way too fucking polite, and her addressing him as "General Manager Lan"? Brrr. He doesn't know what to think. "Is she still mad at me?" "Should I apologize once more?" "She lost all her feelings for me, hasn't she?" Thoughts like that plagued him.

So deep in thought that he hadn't even notice Angus staring (hee, I really don't mind shipping these two). Shi De tells Angus to let Feng Hua know that he wants to re-film some scenes. Oh, and it must be Manager Yang. Angus thinks his boss is out to harass Yi Ru again, but we know better. Good luck Shi De, though you kind of had this coming when you called her a whore (not exactly, but still). 

We leave Shi De to ponder on his sad situation to see Stalker Boy 2.0 (i.e he has a suit now). He tries to impress Shi Yun with his bowling skills but fails miserably as his borrowed outfit proves to be too tight - the seams broke as he bend over to throw the ball. Excuse me, sir, your ass is showing.
Well you scored a strike, if that's any consolation. Shi Yun hides a small smile, which Mr. Perfect sees. I guess in a way, Stalker Boy's plan is working.

Shi Yun comes back from her "memorable" date, and grandma and mom is puzzled over her expression. "Did it not went well?" "It did." Well that's the thing - he's TOO perfect. Something has got to give. Never thought we'd be on the same page, Shi Yun. 
I wonder if this was already planned or the show got to the our (i.e the viewer's) feedback, because now that the drama is actually addressing the issue, I think he really might be perfect after all, LOL. 

At the basketball court, once again Stalker Boy shows off his superior athletic skills, knocking business partner Zi Yuan to the ground as he scores. Yi Qing who has been watching from the sidelines runs to his aid, and tells Stalker Boy off for playing rough.
A big AWW at his happy face. Yay! A new ship to board: His cute earnest face and her leggy legs. They will make beautiful babies together. Case closed.

Stalker Boy asks Yi Qing whether she believes such a perfect man could really exist. She shakes her head. Since boss is not successful, the serial dater comes up with a plan herself: She will be the one to seduce Mr. Perfect, then Shi Yun would be free for Stalker Boy. 

Yikes. The two bosses try to talk her out of it ("He's not suitable for you!"), but their advice fall on deaf ears. In her book, there is no "suitable or not", there's only the question of "want or don't want." 

Back at the tension-filled zone. Yi Ru is strictly business while Shi De is clearly wants to be personal, and she knows it. Although the cameras are rolling, Shi De asks her: "Why did you run off that day? Do you hate me? Are you indifferent to me? Or is there some other reason?" 
So humbling. Hear his plead, Yi Ru! She tells him that it's not a suitable time to discuss this, since they're working. (I love the shot of her answering behind the camera, in a way she's hiding behind a facade.) But Shi De insists, "I need an answer."

Long pause. She does her nail thingy again - nervous tic. In the end, she gives him a non-answer: "I thought that after we got over this misunderstanding, we could have a great working relationship."

Devastated (what a heartbreaking picture for us LNAAs), but he gathers himself and gives the camera the company speech that she needed. He tells her that his company "fulfil their promises to their clients" and for them they will "create a wonderful living environment." 

How can Yi Ru not die from THE FEELS, I wonder. What terribly emotive eyes you have, George Hu, you're killing me here. 

The next scene is a show down between the two male leads - Qi Ming has gone to Hao Sheng to confront him again (guess he doesn't know that he has stop harassing her now, at least not in that way.)
This is the best, man. Kdramas, they exchange with heated looks and some metaphorical dick-waving. Here? The lead apologizes, they talk - as in heart-to-heart talk. Kind of anti-climatic, but refreshing in a way. I like it.

Shi De has an earnest request for him: He wants Qi Ming to be his ally in love, since Yi Ru and him were once lovers, and now he's practically family.

Qi Ming is confounded. Not at his request though, but his love for Yi Ru. "It's Yang Yi Ru! Do you even know what she's like? When she's mad, she'll hit you and curse you. You might as well find a man, he tells Shi De. But Shi De calmly replies that he gets her. 

Well the playboy thinks him crazy and suggests that he see a psychiatrist. "She's not great at all, not even one bit. You'll find someone better," he says as he turns to leave. But Shi De is undeterred. "There won't be anyone better than her," he said without a moment's hesitation.

Well that got Qi Ming's attention. He finally agrees to his request, since Shi De's stuck and it looks like his feelings are sincere. Though I don't think they'll be BFFs anytime soon, it's such a cute twist, the camaraderie between these two pseudo love rivals.

Papa Yang asks Aunt to stay back after his cooking lesson. He tells Aunt his that his daughter is a good kid. Their mom died early and he had to take on various jobs to support the family, Yi Ru has been the mother figure in the household since then. She had even fibbed that fathers do not need to attend their Mother's Day meets, only sisters and mothers are allowed. She was that understanding of his situation.

He may be supportive of her in everything, including her love life, but when it comes to her happiness, he needs to take action. That's why he needs to know more about Shi De.

He was so nice to her in Boracay, but just because of one small lie, he browbeats her. Such a petty move, I don't know what to think of it. "What kind of man is he?"

The answer is a goddamn sob story. Well at least to me. I knew that he had to be the man in the family after his father's death, but I had no idea on the cause of his aversion towards lies:
Aunt: "He didn't used to be like this. He used to be a boy filled with sunshine, with a captivating smile to boot."
(This scene felt odd, although I couldn't pinpoint why. Until screencapping time... *gasp* his bangs!)
Aunt: "But due to his father's unexpected demise, he went from a naive student to the head of a company. And he got cheated by his most trusted person, and as a result Hao Sheng nearly went bankrupt and we were even close to losing the house."
After that, he changed. He said to if he was cold, people would fear him and thus would be too afraid to con him. "That incident really hurt him deeply," she said. And he was never the same.

Things make so much more sense now. How he had immediately jumped to the conclusion that Yi Ru was out to get him. It wasn't jealousy, and it wasn't his temper. From his viewpoint, I understand how he'd be paranoid. 

Show, my personal apologies for thinking that this side of Shi De was a writing flaw. You had your plans, I see. The darn wind is getting to my eye again.

Next episode: Shi De promises Papa Yang that he'll change. Stay tuned!

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Love, Now: Episode 16

This week, members of LNAA (Love Now Addicts Anonymous) face our hardest tribulation yet: The glory of Shi De in a workshirt. Hot damn.


Angela Zhang - "王子病" (Prince Syndrome) Who says I don't care about the second lead? Sun Qi Ming, this one's dedicated to you.

Continuing from last Thursday's episode, where Yan Kai makes a surprise visit to Shi Yun's house bearing a gift, but when they meet, Shi Yun shrieks like in a B-grade horror movie, because gasp! Perfect Namja saw her without make-up! Oh, the tragedy. He is sure to dump me now, she laments. Sigh. Her credibility as a relationship expert: going, going, gone.
But all that shrill worrying proved to be unfounded when she receives a SMS from him: "Shi Yun, I'm sorry. I'd wanted to give you a surprise, but instead it brought you trouble. Hope you can forgive me and not hate me." And his gift? An ACER computer (first a branded watch and now a computer? Man, the guy is loaded). We learn that he designed this, and the password is the day that they met. 
Now that's what I call a smooth product placement. This has been bugging me for a while, this dude... he just rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it's just all the shady roles I've seen Shaun Chen in. Dare I hope Yan Kai is actually a attention whore, wanting to date a celeb in order to achieve his 15 minutes of fame? Sure sounds good, because I find him dull as dishwater right now. 

Back at the office, Yi Ru is aghast at the way Qi Meng is handling her sacred pen. She gets it back ASAP and takes extra care to wipe the saliva-covered pen cap thoroughly. 
He's like, it's just a cheap ol' pen, what's with the overreaction? Yi Ru: "Although it's not a branded pen, it has history and heart." Qi Ming scoffs at that. Heart? Who has so much "heart" he gifts you a pen instead of, oh I don't know, a fruit basket or something. "Anything is better than a pen like that!"

Yi Ru fills him in on the pen's history: "It's not a gift, it's a returned item." It's something Lan Shi De kept for 6 years, and now he's returned it to her. This is news to Qi Ming, who did not know that both of them go that far back. His reaction? Pouts and refuses to answer company calls, tending to his fishies as Yi Ru works. Careful there, boy. Your fishes are gonna die of overfeeding.

Things took a turn for the worse in the love triangle when Shi De, as Feng Hua's client, invites both of them for dinner, with Awkward being the dish of the day.

He goes through the motions with a long face, and exasperatedly tells Yi Ru, "You've kicked me for the seventh time already, what do you want?" She not-so-subtly pssts him and tells him to say something, anything - isn't he and expert at creating the mood? He answers loudly (clearly intended for someone to hear), "Liven the atmosphere? I'm only good if the other party is a woman."

Feel bad seeing Yi Ru feel bad, Shi De gallantly tells them the reason of his dinner invitation: he apologizes for having put Feng Hua through so many uh, tough situations. "Hope the food here is to your taste." Qi Ming gibes, "It's hard to swallow." That garners another kick from the lady, which he doesn't fail to mention: "This is the eighth kick."

Yi Ru tries to smooth things over, apologizing on behalf of her boss who says things without thinking. It's the same excuse Qi Ming had used when he confronted Shi De at the office, but this time he takes offence. "I'm not brainless, I'm just telling the truth!"

Then, a very drama-like thing happened within the drama: At the restaurant, a woman is publicly dumped on her birthday, her now ex-boyfriend with a new girl on his arm, no less.

That of course sets off Qi Ming's hero complex, and despite Yi Ru's protest to mind his own business, he's there in a jiffy to console the heartbroken lady. Guess which line he uses to cheer her up:

A) "Your present is the knowledge that your ex is trash and you're better off without him."

B) "Your present is... me."

Yup, he really said that with a straight face. Witnessing that, the understandbly concerned Shi De asks Yi Ru, "You don't mind?"

But Yi Ru's all chill, why would I? Having known him for so long, she knows that he is helpless (or should I say, helpful) against a woman's tears. Shi De process this new found information - "That means their relationship is just between a boss and an employee, right?" he thinks to himself. 

Qi Ming sings a happy birthday song for the woman, asking everyone to join in. Kinda feel sorry for the girl, she just broke off with a two-timer only to hook up with another one, heh.

Talking about birthdays, Shi De remembers Yi Ru's tearful birthday wish back at Boracay, of her wanting to meet her true love, marry, babies, the works. "Can I make your dream come true?" he asks her. Woah, that came out of nowhere. "Let me make your dream come true," he says determinedly.  

Surprised at first, she then makes shifty eyes and excuses herself. In other words, SHE RAN AWAY, ahahah. Why, you ask? I do not know either. He runs after her, but I guess she got away, since the next scene is of her safe at home, and him brooding. WORKSHIRT!! NIPPLES ALERT!!

She returns to see Shi De's aunt hugging dad's legs while he "dangerously" replaces the light bulb.  I really don't see how doing so will help him if he actually falls. She guiltily says, "nothing happened!" and dashes off.

Seconds later, guess who's in da house? Qi Ming's here, no doubt to check up on Yi Ru. He suspects she got bullied again, which she denies, but he's like, it's okay, I've got this. They wouldn't believe her, so she tells them the truth, what Shi De said and her dream of meeting her true love by 28 and marry by 30.

Upon hearing that, Qi Ming laughs like a mad hyena. How can you have such a girly dream! She's so boyish, or in his words, "like a man." Plus she's a workaholic, what man will dig that. Hmm let me see... two?

Yi Ru says she left the restaurant without answering him, 'cause she didn't know how to respond. Qi Ming: "What's there to think about? Just say NO, impossible!" What 28, 30? Let's go get married now, he says. Papa Yang can be our witness. Yi Ru pushes him off and heads straight to her room, calling him nuts.

What? It's just marriage, he says. Er, do you not see Papa Yang sitting RIGHT THERE. What sane father will give her daughter to someone that cavalier about his daughter's lifelong happiness. When it comes to Qi Ming as a romantic partner or worse, husband, err - l'd say apply the same stance any sane person would have on drugs: Just say no. Or, alternatively, HELL NO YOU CRAZY?!

Yi Ru ponders in her room, hmm... why would Shi De say all those things, since he already knows she doesn't have cancer. Gah, this woman. But never mind her thick skull. The moment we've been waiting for: Shi De broods in his workshirt, looking at the now legendary Boracay scrapbook:

Look at them kissing the sand vessel! How adorbs. And Shi De looks so happy as he points to his shiny new ring. 

But LNAAs cannot be happy for long, at least not while Shi De is moping. You see, seeing her run away after he poured his heart out like that - his confidence is shaken. "Does she not have feelings for me anymore?" Aww. Don't be sad Shi De. I'm sure she wants you too - but this chick mother hen is to be approached with gently, with caution, and you're about as subtle as a flying brick. 

Qi Ming is also in throes of frustration, but this we can laugh about. He's at his office, watching a video of, believe it or not, Shi De's toilet bowl factory visit. He's scrutinizing Shi De's every pore, trying to see what's his appeal. 

The video's in pause, and it shows Shi De smiling at the camera (i.e. Yi Ru). Qi Ming mimics the kinks of the video - smiling, not smiling - back and forth as the video hits play and pause.  Ahahaha. I DIE. That is an awesome impersonation, Qi Ming. 

"So... Yi Ru likes Lan Shi De?" He's about to hit the "delete" button on the video player, but stops himself (better not incur mother hen's wrath). She married him, and slept with him. He suddenly looks determined as he takes out all the fishes from the PC aquarium. Show, are you saying... that his fishies represents his casanova lifestyle? LOL. 

But looks like he has a change of heart, what has this got to do with the fishies? That's right, put them back, Qi Ming. Those fishies are innocent. 

Next morning, Dumbledore grandpa is startled to find that the office is open so early. He thought there's been a break-in, but lo and behold, it's Feng Hua's boss. And he wakes up thinking it's still night time, only to realize that he has just spent the night with his fishes. And Yi Ru's working on that video again. Having no more of it, he staggers out.
... to find lil' sis. He asks whether Yi Ru has been acting weird lately. In other words, he wanna know whether he's been having the same symptoms as him, because if she does, that means towards Shi De...

 Yi Qing: "I don't think so." You don't "think" so? "Because I fell asleep in three minutes." 

Three minutes... are you a pig?

They trade sassy remarks as per usual, though to the uninformed observer (i.e Stalker Boy's business partner, GUO ZI YUAN), it looks like a fop is trying to make her stay by saying "he will give up a whole aquarium for her." Though we know he pretty much meant it literally.

It's kinda cute though, I had thought Zi Yuan had a thing for her, but brushed it off when he negated it that one time Stalker Boy brought it up. Moral of the story: Shipper instincts don't lie. 

He "serves" them both coffee, while standing, hovering. While Qi Ming is incredibly dense when it comes to himself, as a 3rd party, he geddits. Sighing, he grabs Zi Yuan's arms and and tells him, "It's been hard on you."

Seeing Qi Ming all touchy-graby with her boss, Yi Qing thinks his playboy ways has made him swing for the other team, hee. (She's all for men love, by the way.) 

Meanwhile, Stalker Boy dons a coat in an attempt to be more refined (Shi Yun's preference in men). He follows Shi Yun and Perfect Man to a high-end restaurant, but I think this plan is backfiring on him again, since he's like a bull in a china shop. So many faux pas, so little time.

But aww - seeing a guy getting flustered for you is always endearing!

Chloe Says
Despite the lack of development story-wise (Plot? What's that?), it does not dampen my drama mojo at the least, because watching Shi De mooning while Qi Ming is remains hilariously in denial continues to be a hoot. When I said I can watch Shi De do nothing but peel bananas all day long, I mean it!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Love, Now OST: "Hold This Hand" by Victor Wong

When I first heard this song in its entirety, my first thought was: "David and Jolin's Marry Me Today." How many ways can you say FOREVER in Chinese? As it turns out, a whole freaking lot.

Chlo-Meter:I love you like a love song, baby!

This song is written by Victor himself, on an uneventful afternoon tending to his muddled thoughts. Wishing for calm and peaceful life, he thought of church bells, and with that "eternal" thought in mind, he wrote this soothing song. This came as a surprise to the production studio because they were nearly done with the recording by then. (The impromptu ones are always the best, aren't they?)

Song Title: "執子之手" (Hold this hand) 
Composer: Victor Wong
Lyricist: Chen Mei (she's a poet. Kinda explains why this song has so many metaphors. Drowning in 'em.)
Arranged by: Wu Qing Long
Translated Lyrics:
Fortunately, the bells are willing to stay
Fortunately, you were willing...
Willing to put up with me
Fortunately, you were willing...
Willing to quietly wait for me
Fortunately, there's you
Waiting silently for me at the end 

Luckily, fireflies give an outlet to dreams
Luckily, the light lends late autumn a warm hand
Luckily, clouds gives the soul a sky
Luckily, meeting you made me realize that the universe...
 Is vast and endless

You looked at me and walked towards me
Your steps to my eternity 
Your heartbeat as an accompaniment as you fulfill... 
The lifelong dream
Hold my hand, leave everything to me
Remembering your eyes at this moment, 
This moment as we approach eternal
From now on...
 I have no need for anything else

For richer, for poorer
For better, for worse 
 No matter how long the stars will shine
Can't get enough of your love
I have no regrets

Hold my hand tight, hug me close
Close beside me, together forever
You shared with me heaven-sent blessings, 
You complete me

Hold my hand, leave everything to me
Your four seasons is my bright future
Let me complete you
I don't need anything else

Hold this hand, let's grow old together
Even though it may be just a fairytale
For life, for death
As enduring as the universe

Chloe Says
The 40-year-old Victor (he's got quite the baby face, doesn't he?) has just got married early this year to his girlfriend of 5 years. Not surprisingly, this song is dedicated to his girlfriend (now wife), whom he had a long distance relationship with (because of his work he's constantly on the move).  
May you have a long and happy marriage filled with lil' ones, Victor! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

A Look At The Offices In "Love, Now" which I display my stalking tendencies. When you go, "So, tell me everything about you, drama!" you know you've got it bad. But I justify myself with the fact that Sheng Hao's office is way too eye-catching - The Thinker Takes A Dump, anyone? (brings a whole new meaning to "a man in sober meditation, battling with a POWERFUL INTERNAL STRUGGLE.")
Take a bow, set builders of SETTV, you've outdone yourselves. 

BowShine: Hao Sheng Enterprise

I had thought that Hao Sheng was a real office, but it's a set (duh!). Two reasons: 
1) It's an 80 EPISODE (and possibly more) show, what company will lend their working space for that long.
2) If it's real, that means Company X makes employees sit on a toilet bowl as they work.

If you didn't get it the first time: THEY HAVE A TOILET BOWL. AS A CHAIR. AT THEIR DESK.
Let's take a closer look at that desk:
Shower head lights! O_O

The conference room is the only place employees can savor the comforts of a real chair. But considering the fact that you'd have to face Shi De during meetings, I'd rather have a toilet bowl any day (I love Shi De, but not as my boss, no.)
Like the employees' desk, the base of the table is a bathtub.

The set, Before and After:

On a side note, I wonder whether Derek (the bathroom fixture sponsor) has experienced a spike in their orders for toilet bowls. "I want to have a toilet bowl like in LN!" is that how it is?

Court Foreclosure stickers everywhere... hmm must be Feng Hua! 

Their workplace may not be as unconventional as Hao Sheng, it's still pretty much out there (just look at that chair). Most of the props here are made by the crew (99.9% they say). Even the lil' wooden bighorn sheep:
... is lovingly made by sifu:

Photo credits: SETTV

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Love, Now OST: "Temporary Boyfriend" by Yen-j

Um, in case you were wondering what this song means. I can tell you in two words: NSYNC's "Girlfriend."  

Chlo-Meter:oh dear, my age is showing

"I'll be your rebound." Normally, such sentiments in songs make me scoff since are usually sung by hunks (yeah right, you heartbreaker), but in the case of Yan Jue, he really embodies the beta male image, so soft-spoken and well-mannered is he. Heck, if a hottie like Wilson Chen can convince me it took him a decade to get the girl, ANYTHING GOES.

Not surprisingly, this song is based on his real-life experience in a rebound relationship (with him being the rebound, of course). Already I can see million of fans have their handkerchiefs ready to console him. Me? I'm at the end of the line, got trampled by 'em crazy fans. Dammit, people, don't cut my queue.

Here's Yan Jue all sweaty, but still ELEGANT (keep the slo-mo shots coming, we ain't complainin'):

Song Title: 暫時的男朋友 (Temporary Boyfriend)
Composer: Yen-j 
Lyricist: Yen-j, Huang Ting
Arranged by: Hong Jing Yao
Translated Lyrics:
I tell you, breaking up is not the end
He's an idiot, not worth being sad over 
So long-winded, everyone's talking
No one's willing to lend you a sympathetic ear

You need someone to share your pain with
You don't need everyone's disingenuous concerns
I'm ever willing to follow your lead
To lend you a hand from the sidelines

If you're still not over your ex-boyfriend
I'll wait for you to finish the game*
I'll be your rebound

I'll be your rebound
Your temporary boyfriend
For as long as you need me 
I don't care what they'll think or say of me

I will be your rebound 
Your temporary boyfriend
You won't have a second of loneliness
I'll occupy your present, not ruling out... 
The future, ooh

In this round, Happiness didn't stop for too long
But you can always start over in the next round
You don't have to, You don't necessarily have to choose me
But I'll definitely be more persistent than you

If you're still not over your ex-boyfriend
I'll wait for you to finish the game*
I will be your rebound

I will be your rebound
Your temporary boyfriend
For as long as you need me
I don't care what they'll think or say of me

I will be your rebound
Your temporary boyfriend
You won't have a second of loneliness
I'll occupy your present, not ruling out...
The future

I will be your rebound
Your temporary boyfriend
For as long as you need me
I don't care what they'll think or say of me

I will be your rebound
Your temporary boyfriend
You don't have to be lonely anymore
I want to occupy your present, and even more...
Until the end

I will, I will
I will be your rebound
Your temporary boyfriend
For as long as you need me
You won't ever be lonely
I don't care what they'll think or say of me, oh

TRANSLATION NOTES: *Basketball metaphor - Literally "I'll wait for you to keep shooting hoops," relates to the shot that needs to be taken before the rebound, and in this case repeated shots because the girl can't get over her ex-boyfriend. I've replaced it with a context that can be understood without the basketball metaphor.