Thursday, November 22, 2012

Love, Now: Episode 12 -13

Girl must have drank Skele-Gro, because someone grew a spine overnight! And if my ears are not deceiving me, she's yelling too. Woot, you go girl! Now get the hell outta there before he roasts you alive!

Love, Now OST - "火上加油"(Add fuel to fire) by Yen-j


Seeing Qi Ming hurt due to one of Shi De's "tasks" for her was the last straw. "General Manager Lan, are you happy now?" Shi De remained unfeeling, like he did not just shoved someone onto a heap of broken pottery. "It's all my fault," she says. So why did you drag Qi Ming into this. Shi De: "You two were in it together! You both deceived me!" ME!! Okay, Shi De, we get it, you were wronged - but GEE, enough with the pity party for one already! She retorts:
Yi Ru: "No, I lied to you, no one else. I, Yang Yi Ru, decided to lie to you, General Manager Lan. So that your company will drop the charges against mine. It's because of me, I caused this misunderstanding." 
He interrupts her with, "If you had told me the truth earlier, maybe I would have drop the lawsuit." She laughs at that. Straight from the horse's mouth - a "maybe"? What good will that do? 

She says they're not that close. "You and I... we can't even be considered friends. How could I dare hope that you'd help me?" To that, he counters angrily, "What gives you the right to say that? Without even trying, how can you decide that I won't help you?" Instead, she chose to be a liar.

She his accusation in stride, "Then, what kind of person do you think I am?" She tells him the truth, under the guise of "hypothetically". If... Let's just say she only found out back in Taiwan that he was the GM of the company that sued Qi Ming, would he believe her? 

See, he doesn't. Therein lies the problem - she simply couldn't take that risk. What if she told him the truth and he's not willing to help? Each and every employee of Feng Hua (i.e three) cannot afford to lose their jobs. 

His responds with "But you lied. To me!" Clearly, their conversation has reached an impasse. He still doesn't believe that Boracay wasn't a set up, and she's fine with that. Forget it, she says, when it all comes down to it, a lie is a lie, and all the reasoning in the world will just sound like excuses. 

BUT. She's not gonna take shit from him no more. Sorry, not sorry - she will give it her all at work, so please be professional and put his personal prejudice aside. Because not doing so would be childish. With a smile on her face she tells him that if he's not happy, she will personally pay the compensation monies for forfeiting the contract. 

And with that, she leaves him to ponder on her words. God, this put-down is sooo satisfying; I'm already wearing out my proverbial remote from replaying this scene.

As witnessed for the PAST WEEK, trusting someone does not come easily to Shi De. But that doesn't mean it won't - we can see that he looks worn out - no doubt his brain on overdrive, trying to process all that's happened, from Boracay till present. 
Aunt has heard about what happened at the toilet bowl factory (hm sounds weird), and she tells him to be more flexible, putting in a few good words for Yi Ru while she's at it. She says that Yi Ru is like her, a good person. Furthermore, Papa Yang (now her culinary sifu) told her that Yi Ru was deceived by the whole family, because she's a workaholic (sounds a lot like someone we know, eh?) and they wanted her to take a break - hence the cancer and Boracay. 

Oh. He takes that in, gears in his head a-turnin'.
IS THAT A GHOST OF A SMILE I SEE. WHEEEEEE!!! Such a little muscle movement should not make me this happy, but I am. And the box of mementos! He didn't throw it after all - it's still as white and pristine as ever.

(While he's pondering, I'm doing some pondering of my own - ooh will you look at him being all rumpled and sexy with his undone tie. If anyone needs me, I'll be here, assessing this scene for uh, intellectual purposes.)

His reverie (and mine) is interrupted when sis comes in to tell him the good news - she has found her perfect man. Lil' bro is concerned over her methods -  well I'm glad there's someone in the show that thinks her way of finding love a little off. In her words, "I'm just making sure he fulfils all my criteria, then it'll be easy for me to fall for him." Uh, sure. Whatever you say, Relationship Expert.

He thinks it's like lying - but sis tells him to lighten up, it's nowhere that severe. Besides, "man lie to acheive their own means, but woman lie for others." (Uh, I don't see how this relates to what they're really talking about, but hey, Shi De can get his confirmation now.)

As Shi Yun leaves, he begins to solve the puzzle in his mind - pieces being his Aunt's revelation earlier, his sister's words, and lastly, his own memory of Yi Ru being emo at Boracay. Those emotions felt so real. She couldn't be faking it, right?

Which can only mean one thing... shit. "How could I've said those things to her?"

(Epiphany, at long last! Another remote-killer scene. Did anyone find it interesting his toilet bowl is included in the shot? Perhaps this marks the end of Shi De, The Toilet Demon.)

The next day, guess where he is? Feng Hua! He adorably practices his apology speech to Yi Ru ("Oh, must call her Miss Yang now"). Dorky Shi De is back! *flails happily* THIS is the show that I fell in love with :D 

Already I cannot wait for him to get acquainted to the rest of the Feng Hua family! Only Dumbledore Grandpa is present though, the rest of them are out on business (guess grandpa just doesn't have the stamina for that).

(LOVE how Shi De strolls around the office, checking the place out with an interest a guy would towards her girlfriend's room. After all, since she's a workaholic, this is the place she spends most of her time.)

Grandpa assumes that he's a potential customer, and tells him that though their company is small, but they're close-knit and in many ways, a family. And also, filled with compassion. As you can see, the bosses are so kind they're willing to hire an old man like him. Grandpa let slips that the company (i.e Yi Ru) had to lie for his sake, and he frantically backtracks. But Shi De interrupts and covers for him, mirroring what Yi Ru said to him at the hospital earlier: "You guys are dedicated and responsible towards your clients."

Progress. So proud of our Shi De T_T

Chloe Says
Special Mention: If Episode 13 was Shi De's, then Episode 12 belonged to Qi Ming. He really shone with his 180 degree change in working 'tude, plus it was nice to see him stand up for Yi Ru when she wasn't ready to do so herself.

As revealed during Papa Yang's convo with Yi Ru, he's really quite the nice guy. Despite dumped by Yi Ru, he didn't said a word of complaint to dad, plus he accompanies him often, to the markets and such. When he heard that Yi Ru got laid off from her job, he was the one that saved up money to set up the company. So... decent person, but lousy boyfriend?


  1. I love your recaps - they crack me up! =)) Intellectual purposes - I love those types of scenes. ;)

  2. Many Taiwanese audiences watching Low,Now live (including me) were so crazy and kept smiling with this childish, shy, and sweet man even he just pondered or did nothing.So what you feel is just as same as other fans feel. :D

    It's my first time to feel like a idiot but I feel soooooooooooooooooooo happy.

    p.s. Shi-De said "Excuse me?" to his aunt ,and the American accent was so sexy!

    1. GODDAMN I LOVE THIS FANDOM \m/ - Anon (mind having a nick name? or I shall call you Taiwan ahahahah) I replayed the Excuse Me scene to death too! I see I am not alone in this T_T

    2. p.s: Those are tears of happiness. Sharing is caring!!

  3. Where can I watch these episodes? Viki doesn't have them up past 12. :[


      u can watch here :)

  4. hey chloe!!!! i LOVEEEEE YOUR RECAPS!! they always make me laugh.. and i secretly find your recaps better than actually watching the drama LOL. because the misunderstandings and everything are all pissing me off! hehe

    1. hiya adelyn! thank you so much im glad to hear ur enjoying the recaps, hehe. I feel ur frustration man, but hang in there! It gets SOOO giggle worthy after that. Jia you!!! :D