Thursday, November 29, 2012

Love, Now: Episode 17

*passes out from the awesome*
Although Yi Ru's reluctance is a head-scratcher, I'm really loving how the drama is addressing my biggest worry: Shi De being a dickhead to Yi Ru every time something untoward happens. Although only time will tell, he is taking that first step to better himself, so PROGRESS. Hurrah to Show for not glossing over this issue with the OTP's fantastic chemistry. Or Shi De in a vest. Shi De in general *__*


It's day one of the aftermath of her running away at dinner. Are you free tonight?" Shi De's SMS says. Looks like Yi Ru's plan to pour herself into her work can only do so much. Yi Ru's face is expressionless, while Shi De heaved a deep sigh at his office as he waits for her answer.
He even calls Angus in, to check whether his cellphone can send out messages. Aww. 

Just as he said that, the cellphone chimes. His face falls as he reads it; another long sigh. On the surface, there's nothing wrong with it - she's thanks him and says that as long as it's work-related, she's free. Way too fucking polite, and her addressing him as "General Manager Lan"? Brrr. He doesn't know what to think. "Is she still mad at me?" "Should I apologize once more?" "She lost all her feelings for me, hasn't she?" Thoughts like that plagued him.

So deep in thought that he hadn't even notice Angus staring (hee, I really don't mind shipping these two). Shi De tells Angus to let Feng Hua know that he wants to re-film some scenes. Oh, and it must be Manager Yang. Angus thinks his boss is out to harass Yi Ru again, but we know better. Good luck Shi De, though you kind of had this coming when you called her a whore (not exactly, but still). 

We leave Shi De to ponder on his sad situation to see Stalker Boy 2.0 (i.e he has a suit now). He tries to impress Shi Yun with his bowling skills but fails miserably as his borrowed outfit proves to be too tight - the seams broke as he bend over to throw the ball. Excuse me, sir, your ass is showing.
Well you scored a strike, if that's any consolation. Shi Yun hides a small smile, which Mr. Perfect sees. I guess in a way, Stalker Boy's plan is working.

Shi Yun comes back from her "memorable" date, and grandma and mom is puzzled over her expression. "Did it not went well?" "It did." Well that's the thing - he's TOO perfect. Something has got to give. Never thought we'd be on the same page, Shi Yun. 
I wonder if this was already planned or the show got to the our (i.e the viewer's) feedback, because now that the drama is actually addressing the issue, I think he really might be perfect after all, LOL. 

At the basketball court, once again Stalker Boy shows off his superior athletic skills, knocking business partner Zi Yuan to the ground as he scores. Yi Qing who has been watching from the sidelines runs to his aid, and tells Stalker Boy off for playing rough.
A big AWW at his happy face. Yay! A new ship to board: His cute earnest face and her leggy legs. They will make beautiful babies together. Case closed.

Stalker Boy asks Yi Qing whether she believes such a perfect man could really exist. She shakes her head. Since boss is not successful, the serial dater comes up with a plan herself: She will be the one to seduce Mr. Perfect, then Shi Yun would be free for Stalker Boy. 

Yikes. The two bosses try to talk her out of it ("He's not suitable for you!"), but their advice fall on deaf ears. In her book, there is no "suitable or not", there's only the question of "want or don't want." 

Back at the tension-filled zone. Yi Ru is strictly business while Shi De is clearly wants to be personal, and she knows it. Although the cameras are rolling, Shi De asks her: "Why did you run off that day? Do you hate me? Are you indifferent to me? Or is there some other reason?" 
So humbling. Hear his plead, Yi Ru! She tells him that it's not a suitable time to discuss this, since they're working. (I love the shot of her answering behind the camera, in a way she's hiding behind a facade.) But Shi De insists, "I need an answer."

Long pause. She does her nail thingy again - nervous tic. In the end, she gives him a non-answer: "I thought that after we got over this misunderstanding, we could have a great working relationship."

Devastated (what a heartbreaking picture for us LNAAs), but he gathers himself and gives the camera the company speech that she needed. He tells her that his company "fulfil their promises to their clients" and for them they will "create a wonderful living environment." 

How can Yi Ru not die from THE FEELS, I wonder. What terribly emotive eyes you have, George Hu, you're killing me here. 

The next scene is a show down between the two male leads - Qi Ming has gone to Hao Sheng to confront him again (guess he doesn't know that he has stop harassing her now, at least not in that way.)
This is the best, man. Kdramas, they exchange with heated looks and some metaphorical dick-waving. Here? The lead apologizes, they talk - as in heart-to-heart talk. Kind of anti-climatic, but refreshing in a way. I like it.

Shi De has an earnest request for him: He wants Qi Ming to be his ally in love, since Yi Ru and him were once lovers, and now he's practically family.

Qi Ming is confounded. Not at his request though, but his love for Yi Ru. "It's Yang Yi Ru! Do you even know what she's like? When she's mad, she'll hit you and curse you. You might as well find a man, he tells Shi De. But Shi De calmly replies that he gets her. 

Well the playboy thinks him crazy and suggests that he see a psychiatrist. "She's not great at all, not even one bit. You'll find someone better," he says as he turns to leave. But Shi De is undeterred. "There won't be anyone better than her," he said without a moment's hesitation.

Well that got Qi Ming's attention. He finally agrees to his request, since Shi De's stuck and it looks like his feelings are sincere. Though I don't think they'll be BFFs anytime soon, it's such a cute twist, the camaraderie between these two pseudo love rivals.

Papa Yang asks Aunt to stay back after his cooking lesson. He tells Aunt his that his daughter is a good kid. Their mom died early and he had to take on various jobs to support the family, Yi Ru has been the mother figure in the household since then. She had even fibbed that fathers do not need to attend their Mother's Day meets, only sisters and mothers are allowed. She was that understanding of his situation.

He may be supportive of her in everything, including her love life, but when it comes to her happiness, he needs to take action. That's why he needs to know more about Shi De.

He was so nice to her in Boracay, but just because of one small lie, he browbeats her. Such a petty move, I don't know what to think of it. "What kind of man is he?"

The answer is a goddamn sob story. Well at least to me. I knew that he had to be the man in the family after his father's death, but I had no idea on the cause of his aversion towards lies:
Aunt: "He didn't used to be like this. He used to be a boy filled with sunshine, with a captivating smile to boot."
(This scene felt odd, although I couldn't pinpoint why. Until screencapping time... *gasp* his bangs!)
Aunt: "But due to his father's unexpected demise, he went from a naive student to the head of a company. And he got cheated by his most trusted person, and as a result Hao Sheng nearly went bankrupt and we were even close to losing the house."
After that, he changed. He said to if he was cold, people would fear him and thus would be too afraid to con him. "That incident really hurt him deeply," she said. And he was never the same.

Things make so much more sense now. How he had immediately jumped to the conclusion that Yi Ru was out to get him. It wasn't jealousy, and it wasn't his temper. From his viewpoint, I understand how he'd be paranoid. 

Show, my personal apologies for thinking that this side of Shi De was a writing flaw. You had your plans, I see. The darn wind is getting to my eye again.

Next episode: Shi De promises Papa Yang that he'll change. Stay tuned!


  1. thanks, been waiting for the recaps of the current episodes ^_^

    1. Hope you're enjoying this show as much as I do^^ Thanks for reading!

  2. I'm here again hahaha! Such a stalker of your blog, I am :P Rather than finishing my essays :O)

    I really like the addressing of that issue too - that Shi De is too inflexible. I actually think the family sides of the story has been really weak so far, although Yi Ru's side is clearly the better developed one. There's only so much allowance I can make for an older person, and I'm really, really losing my patience with SD's Granny (unless she pushes our OTP into a room and lock them up, of course). And her scenes with his Mum are so repetitive and the issues remain so much the same. Bleh.

    I love the portrayal of Yi Ru's dad - the actor is amazing. I like that he gives Yi Ru all the independence she deserves, but he has to stand guard in front of her future happiness. I totally love the fact that there is someone whom Shi De will cower before hahahahaha...

    - Snow

    1. I LOVE it when the show sets up a MEET YOUR FUTURE IN-LAWS scene, ahahaha. #sadist

  3. Another good episode though this one felt emptier. I love how thoughtfully the characters are being developed.

    1. yeah this ep was so-so... until the end that is! The backstory was POW WOW and totally elevated the episode's awesome factor :)

  4. I love the way SD&QM interacts.
    They are not real friends but also not enemies.How ambiguous!
    The script writers don't let them hate each other with scary eyes (ha~),instead they discuss about YR peacefully.We can't predict what will happen and what these roles think.

    Though the progress of SD&YR is slow,the story goes so well in a reasonable way.
    The only drawback might be Shi Yun line because it's so boring;I also hope she has an unique story with someone else,not just for dragging this ep.80-long drama.

    EP.18,19 are still great!(esp 19)We LNAA have to wait for another 3 days.(tears~)