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Love, Now: Episode 6 - 7

A moment of silence, please, for yet another passing of a lovesick puppy in dramaland:
As the lie gets snowballed, a heart is shattered. It's a roller coaster journey for the OTP shipper these past two days, with the highs being, WOOHOO THEY FINALLY MEET and the lows being, SH*T HE KNOWS. But I'm not surprised, since I never expected Shi De to find out the truth on Yi Ru's terms anyway ('tis just not the way of dramas). 

 Love, Now OST - "Let's Go Running Together" by CosmosPeople

Dad, mind sending me the recipe? I LOVE sesame paste soup. Dad is making Yi Ru's favorite dessert in hopes that it'll cheer her up, because she has been out of sorts lately. Dad thinks that it has something to do with that ring she's been looking at all day, the one she wears on her forth finger... what does it mean? But lil' sis is quick to cover up for big sis, by saying that it's just a cheap old ring, the fakes look more genuine that the real thing these days.
Qi Ming, to my surprise, is still pondering what Bubbly Geek told him in the last episode, about Yi Ru acting weird when she saw the GM. All that ruminating aloud about another girl didn't go so well with his date, and he gets dumped. (If this scene is to ease us into an upcoming love triangle, I'm not buying it. My OTP is a 10/10 PERFECT and no one is to come between them, definitely not this guy who sneezes without covering his mouth!) 
I don't know why we keep having Qi Ming x Yi Qing scenes. Do they serve as the peanut gallery to the OTP's relationship, or is the show trying to hint that they'll end up together (hey, it's a long show, anything can happen). I hope lil' sis is not harboring some secret feelings for him. She can do SO much better imo.
Despite what went down yesterday, Shi De looks nary the wiser, even throwing away Yi Ru's proposal, deeming them unprofessional plus they pose to be a conflict of interest due the ongoing lawsuit. (I CRY. Please make my babies meet, pleaseeee.)

Speaking of fate, I like how the six degrees of separation is quite believable. Yi Ru's at the mall to meet Shi De's aunt (who likes Yi Ru a lot, both professionally and personally), while he was there to make good on the promise to pick up grandma's birthday present (which Aunt offered to take for him because he was busy). Well it looks like he made it after all. 
He looks so happy... while she looks like she stepped on dog crap. Yi Ru proceeds to run for her life.
Oh, playing cat and mouse, are we? Looks fun! Yi Ru is trying so hard to be a ninja that I don't want her to get caught. But then I remember that I'm suppose to be pro-OTP meeting, not pro-eluding Shi De at the mall.

Just when she thought she had escaped safely, she knocks into someone and once again ends up in Shi De's arms. Aww, a classic OTP pose! They are re-enacting the scene when she nearly got hit by a van, only this time without him growling afterwards. 
LOL I cannot help but laugh because one is so happy while the other is not. He tells her, "I saved you again" which elicits a huh? from the lady. Yunno, they say three rescues mean you're destined for me. Hello, have mercy on the innocent bystander here, dying from the cheese.

"Let me up," she says, all distant. Oh, my achy breaky heart - he looks like a puppy who has just been abandoned and don't know why. Tell him, Yi Ru, TELL HIM. She's about to spill the beans when a call comes in. ARFGH!! Needless to say, I'm not happy that the show is planning to drag out the cancer scare plot. Now it just looks like she is in cahoots on the cancer. You just dug your own grave, woman.

Look at the pallor of your face. Are you going to the hospital? Was that the doctor calling just now? He's so worried for her; she takes this opportunity and pleads with him to drop the lawsuit on Qi Ming's company. (How low can you go, woman?) He frowns, in recollection, and says he remembers the name. Okay, he says. Let's find time to talk about this. Yi Ru cannot believe her ears - just like that? She hands her name card and quickly makes the getaway.
Even as she leaves, his eyes follow her. Everyone, gather for a big collective "AWW." He looks at the name card, "Feng Hua" and connect the dots, "So it's you." Hee, the memory of the presentation that irked him before now has a romantic sheen to them. 

Looks like it's not only him who's happy, but the whole household (Aunt saw everything). The ladies are giggling in glee that Shi De has found his soulmate. Says the fistpumping grandma: "I've found my great-granddaughter-in-law!"

At home, Yi Ru is still very much emo (is that the shirt she wore for THE SCENE? Ah, good times). Dad's worried for he has never seen her this down before. He thought she's mad at Qi Ming, but the one she's mad at is herself. 
Yi Ru tells him everything (well, mostly. PG-13 version of course) about what happened in Boracay. When she found out the truth about her cancer, she came back immediately, thinking that'll be the last she saw of him. But they met again.

"Why don't you just tell him the truth then?" the wise dad says. She says she wanted to, but when she thought about the lawsuit she just... Dad looks at her disapprovingly. She admits that she's wrong for using his pity, but she couldn't bring herself to do it when she thought about Dumbledore grandpa. "I'm despicable, aren't I, dad?"

But dad brings her in for a hug, and says she's being too strict on herself. She'll just have to find a suitable time after all this mess (yeah, something tells me that time's not going to come). This guy she mentioned sounds like a good guy, surely he'll come to understand. Well I'm glad dad has the conviction I don't. 
"Why, why did I lie to him?" she laments. "If only I really had liver cancer." Cue rumbling thunder from the heavens. Woah. She quickly backtracks, saying she wants to live on healthily, she just didn't want to lie! Thunder continues (sounding more weird-ass by the minute. What kind of thunder is this lol).
As for Shi De's bratty sister, turns out that she IS happy for her baby brother, but the pressure of being a relationship-less relationship expert got to her (okay she sounds sane now, we cool). He promises to not make the news of the marriage public, and they made up over breakfast.

The OTP meet up. His explanation of her whole get-up during the presentation? "You didn't want call in favors, right?" Dude is putting her on a pedestal here. She smiles sheepishly. 

In fact, not only is he dropping the lawsuit, he is choosing Feng Hua's proposal above the rest (hey, what happened to No Cronyism?) Yi Ru starts to decline, but they (Aunt is here now) wouldn't take no for an answer.

He then tells her to take leave from work, because he's taking her out. Ooh, on a date? Alas, no squeal-worthy amusement park dates here. He has signed her up for numerous testing at the hospital. As the doctor introduces himself, I'm dying of laughter. Is it bad that I don't feel bad for Yi Ru? 
The doctor then brings in his best student, He Cai Rong. What's with the ominous music here... hey, did I just see Shi De giving her a once-over? He totally checked her out! Cai Rong starts explaining the procedures, Yi Ru can't even bring herself to look at her. How to get out of this one, how...

She then declines everything, because she already her own doctor. Uh-huh, already did those tests. So thank you, but no thank you. (Lordy, this is getting worse. If it's a pit hole of lies before, it has now morphed into a black hole of no return.)

Hate them or love them, you can't deny that their presence glues you to the screen. Why? Stuck between bewilderment and horror, of course.

Stalker Act of the Day: So Shi De's older sis, Shi Yun has got a date, courtesy of Aunt. Seems like the two hit it off, with Stalker Boy lurking in the background, watching.  
Turns out that Perfect Date has a girlfriend, worse still he just stands there while his girlfriend tries to instigate a cat fight, and slaps... Stalker Boy who swooped in to play the knight in shining armor. He tells her that he has never hit a woman before, but she'll be sorry if she continues. "Hey, boy toy!" he tells Not-So-Perfect Date to take his biatch of a girlfriend away. And they really left together in a car, hahah. Talk about a match made in heaven. 
"Why the need to choose?" he asks Shi Yun. Just pick him, he's way better than that guy! He's young, faithful and he has a bright future ahead of him. It will be the best choice she has ever made. He leaves her with, "I won't let any other man get close to you!" You'd think this would call for a restraining order, but she smiles at that. I don't get these two.

But as soon as she leaves, he drops the smile. There's just something off about the way he is pursuing his "idol", he doesn't seem to be besotted, on the contrary, he's very casual about the whole thing. The things that he says sounds creepy, but they're just empty words. It's like he's just reciting his lines (which could be bad acting on Harry Zhang's part).

Before you think me some kind of master body language reader (I'm no The Mentalist), I must say that all these projections are based on something I read about his character description: His long time girlfriend (they were even planning to get married) dumped him because she deemed them to be incompatible after reading Shi Yun's book. What do you think, revenge?

This hunch of mine seems to be confirmed in Episode 7 when a friend of his asks him, "You've started?" To which he nodded with a casual, "Yeah." 
Friend: "Are you sure you want to do this?" 
Stalker Boy: "Why? Can't I?" 
Friend: "I won't be stopping you, but I just want to remind you not to go overboard." 
Stalker Boy: "Overboard? She's the one that started all this, not me."
Just how will this "love story" turn out? Stay tuned.

Paging Shi De, Ronald Mcdonald wants his shoes back. 
Once again Yi Ru finds herself in a toilet cubicle, while Shi De is pacing outside. She tells herself to hang in there until the lawsuit issue is over. She manages to persuade a reluctant ajumma to part with her handphone, and SOS Qi Ming to come get her from the hospital ASAP, since "it's all because of you and your lawsuit that I have to lie to him!"

That whole conversation was heard by Shi De, who managed to steel himself to intrude the ladies' loo.

Chloe Says
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. The one lie that got out of control...

It's sad to see Yi Ru going down this road, for if she had told the truth, he would have agreed to drop the lawsuit anyway, because he's that enamored with her. But I guess that's the burden of being the all-knowing viewer. She underestimated his love, and that's understandable, because she doesn't know the whole story like we do. To her, he's just the kind stranger that helped fulfilled her dying wishes.

Let's just say I'm treating this arc as a necessary evil for now. Although I've never been a fan of such shenanigans, I am anticipating that it will bring a change of dynamics between our one true pair. Up until now, the feelings they have for each other have been fairly one-dimensional - he still thinks her the goddess from his university days, while she thinks he's a kind and gentle soul (the latter which we know, cough, cannot be further from the truth). 

That's not to say they're wrong about each other, but it's only one facet to their personality. Which brings up an interesting point, because the norm in twdramas is to have them bickering, hatin' and seeing the flaws first, before the inevitable fall into love. Whereas with this couple, they start off on the perfect footing, so there really isn't anywhere else to go but down. I want him to know that she's not perfect, and her to see what everyone at his company sees: cold city man (which btw, I think is a plus point. His glare is up there on the sex-o-meter). 

Therefore I am okay with them not being together and making babies as cute as they are, for now. Let's bring on the ugly, because I want them to fall for the other, warts and all.


  1. I really hope this story arc ends quickly. I want them happy together!! And I'm scared of Shi De! lol

    1. LOL me too! But I think George's more at home scowling than smiling. His glare is an avenger's dream.

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  3. Thank you! It is unfortunate that there is no English subs for this drama, but fortunately there is your recaps. Thank you! Please continue recapping this delightful, long drama. I am totally in love with it!

    1. Eee, I am digging this drama a lot too. Let's have fun during this show!

  4. Thank you so so much for the recaps ^_^ I am looking forward to reading your upcoming recaps ^_^ I wish to be able to watch this drama with eng subs I even volunteered to be an english editor in the vikii channel but it seems the manager for the channel is MIA. It's a good thing i have your recaps to look forward to.

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    1. Sorry for not replying earlier, I must have missed this comment. Heard the channel in viki is back on now, hope you're having fun watching this series!

  5. Hi Chloe,
    "Paging Shi De, Ronald Mcdonald wants his shoes back."
    You are a cracker! I laugh so loud my family giving me eyes.
    Cos, I remember that scene, while watching the episode thinking to myself, gee he has got big feet!
    Love reading your recap and your sense of humour.
    I hope you do keep re-capping for this show.

    1. Hehe, BIG FEET. Hmm, I wonder what that implies...

    2. Ha, ha.... whatever it implies, let not go down that track. I am already a mess seeing happy ShiDe!