Thursday, November 1, 2012

My No.1 Enemy in Dramaland.

If you're reading this post, chances are, you've been loyally tuning in to In Time With You. And chances are, these two cutie pattoties has stolen your heart. And now said heart is being stomped on by a certain Ms. Xu.



Silly me, I had naively thought that these two would be the happy version to our self-inflicted, angst-ridden OTP. To show the main couple, Look, you too could be this happy! And as an added bonus, they too would make us, the audience, happy (truly, I cannot overemphasize on the word HAPPY here. We've damn well earned it! What with all the towel-wringing, Kleenex-soaking emotional turmoil we've been put through for the last ten episodes). 

The first thing Da Ren sees, upon his arrival at Singapore, are these two cutie pattoties being all chummy - and it's soooo cute. To say that they have the adorableness of unicorns, rainbows and cherub angels would be an understatement. Like Da Ren and You Qing, these two are the bestest of friends, but unlike our OTP, the male counterpart, LIN KAI (Abin) - whom I shall now dub Singapore Boy - merely sees her as a "comrade." She on the other hand, has been suppressing her romantic feelings in the name of friendship. 

Aha, I thought, A gender swap! Inteeeresting.

My love for them was instantaneous. It's hard to believe that they were a mere cameo appearance, when their chemistry and screen presence were through the roof. They were a fucking powerhouse.
Too cute - he acts like an exasperated oppa most of the time, but then there's the angsty moments when he sees Ping An getting along a little too well with Da Ren. Absolute gem, I tell you.
Unbeknownst to Singapore Boy, those flirtatious moves were simply a ruse by Da Ren, meant to provoke a response from him. Da Ren, bless his unrequited lover soul, issues SB an indirect ultimatum: He slyly back hugs Ping An, all the while making sure that they were within viewing distance of SB. Hehe. 

So whatchu gonna do now, Singapore Boy? 

Look at his stony face! Mm, this seems to be going very well indeed, yeah? Could the moment of epiphany be near? Were they about to achieve what Da Ren and You Qing couldn't do in, *gasp*, TWO EPISODES? 
But in a flash, all my dreams were taken away from me. 

And to this day, I still have no idea what the fuck happened. I remember being so distraught, none of the cutesy stuff the OTP did in the finale registered with me. Can you imagine? I've finally gotten the sweet conclusion I wanted for the OTP, but I couldn't care less! They could've sunk in Titanic and I would be none the wiser. Like Hachiko waiting for his absentee owner, I was on the lookout for Singapore Boy, waiting for him to suddenly pop up and say, Gotcha! Ha, you didn't really think that I'd leave things hanging like that, did you? 


Ping An regaled Da Ren what SB said after her confession: She's the next best thing after his mom. Say what? Is that suppose to be a compliment? In the end, poor Ping An had to go to England to find "winter" to nurse her broken heart, whatever that means. 
DOES NOT COMPUTE - Ah, I should have known better. Et tu, Xu Yu Ting?

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  1. i am with you on this!!! i so wanted them to end up together!!!!!