Sunday, November 18, 2012

Just got my Second Lead Shipper badge back. Hallelujah!

... NOT.

I ask you, IN WHAT UNIVERSE will a lady choose this...

(Exhibit A: A so-so looking guy but goes around thinking he's God's gift to woman, and unsurprisingly has a mental capacity of a 5-year-old.)

over THIS????
(Exhibit B: GORGEOUS OF THE OVARY-EXPLOSION KIND, kind, understanding, too god damn honest for his own good, cooks a mean bolognese, as if that is not enough he makes great coffee too and oooh his voice is like melted chocolate.)

Sounds too issue-free for you? Oh honey, that's just because you haven't seen this:


SO WHAT UNIVERSE, YOU TELL ME?! I swear, dramas can be so unrealistic sometimes. 


I thought What Is Love had a fairly interesting premise. I mean, when this guy woos a girl he has the whole office staff do his bidding, you read that right. I just HAD TO delve into this man's psyche. Exactly what is inside that head of his? 
Turns out, nothing. What you see is what you get - the space between his ears? Just air and that horrible hairdo of his (what is that creature sitting atop his head?) Emotionally stunted, he has no choice but to will himself to fall in love with the heroine. Yes, WILL HIMSELF - several episodes dedicated to his so-called progress. I wanted to close the window and say good riddance, but it was too late, because I saw the ED THEME SONG (freakin OSTs be the end of me). 

Though admittedly, this time it wasn't the song per se, but DUNCAN. Oh boy oh boy, I haven't seen him since The Legend Of Speed!!!! Excited!!! I tell you, this guy's appearance in dramaland is as rare as Joseph Chang's. Duncan played a very scary (it's the voice) control freak of a fiance to Rainie, but bygones be bygones. 
Now, he's back as a good guy. And no artsy fartsy hair this time, it's a suave crew cut! OHHHH if the lead would just die of cancer, I can watch this show a happy woman. 


  1. Haha! I was rooting for Duncan too! He was soooo charming! I see nothing from the Main Lead (although I like the actor from other dramas).
    Ooh! When r u gonna do more EX-BF recaps!? Can't wait! =D

    1. ah man, it was SO hard to continue after 10 eps, I can't believe they're faulting him for sucking at tango. No fair! /:)

      P.S: oh right, I have yet to continue - need more fluff to deal with Love Now, not more heartbreak!