Monday, November 5, 2012

Love, Now: Episode 2

Alas, not wedded yet. This episode is The Date, and one wonders how Shi De can be such a smooth operator when all things considered, he's not the romancin' type. WHERE do you get all your lines, boy?
I also love how Yi Ru seems to be immune to his looks, judging him by his actions instead. Instead of this show being caricaturish with the heroine being swept off her feet, time and time again she asks him, are you sure? and brings up a very valid point: "Marrying a dying woman... is it worth it?"

Jiro Wang - "我應該去愛妳" (I should love you)

She doesn't know it yet, but Yi Ru is telling him all the things she wants in a relationship. Shi De, pay close attention now:
Yi Ru: "At 28, I'll meet my true love, just like my parents. We'll spend each day happily, and because we love each other, we'll soon make up if we fight. We'll marry at 30, and he'll wake me up every morning to a breakfast that he made, and he'll drive me to work. At 32, we'll have kids, once every year. I think I'd make a good mom. I'll watch them play and grow everyday." 
That should've been her life, she laments. Why? WHY LIVER CANCER. She cries, I munch popcorn. Heh, it's hard to be sad when you know she doesn't really have the dreaded C-word, and all you want is to see how this will get the OTP to be chummy with each other like in the opening theme song of the show. Bring forth the relationship hijinks, I say! 

Shi De must have heard me, because he then holds her and says: "Let's get married." Woohoo! He tells her to think about it.

Do you choose a guy you know very well is a USELESS bum, or a guy you don't know at all, but seems to be an all-around nice guy? Looks aside, hello, do you even have to think about it? But apparently Yi Ru prefers familiarity because she calls Qi Ming (that's the second lead's name, in case you've forgotten - I know I did) and asks him to marry her. He fakes a "Sorry I can't hear you" and hangs up. Bleh. Such a loser, this guy.
Cold feet already? Well at least that shows that she is seriously considering Shi De's impromptu proposal. Nah, she second-guesses herself. Even Qi Ming, for whom she has done so much wouldn't marry her, so how would a mere stranger like Shi De would, right?

Wrong. She walks down the sandy aisle, smiling. As he turns to face her, he offers his hand. She reaches out - hand trembling at first, but steadies as she found his. 
That small gesture did it - I cried happy tears. 

... only to find out it's a dream. YAH! Do not play with my feelings like that, Show! (Caveat: I'd like to add that I knew it was a dream - it was rather abrupt - but then I paused as I had something to do; and when I resumed I had promptly forgotten about the suspicious timing, LOL.) Dangnabit, I'm such a sucker.

The next morning, she thought she wouldn't see him again, well she thought wrong. He shows up to her table with a violin to boot, playing a very squeaky "Happy Birthday" (no wonder she shrinks in embarrassment).
Wait, how does he know that it's her birthday? (she must have forgotten about the crying fest by the beach) Shi De: "It's a given that I should remember my girlfriend's birthday." She looks around the empty restaurant. "Me?" she asks, incredulous. 

Didn't she say she wanted to meet her true love at 28, and embark on a grand romance? He tells her, matter-of-factly that they met at the airport, it was love at first sight and that they started dating on the first minute of her 28th birthday. (That sounds kinda creepy, but I assure you, he says it in a tongue-in-cheek manner.) He drags her out for a date.
She says she can't, for she has a friend to see. He does not believe her, until he lurks around and sees her asking about her friend (who works at the resort) at the reception. (Again, not as creepy as it sounds.) He apologizes for not believing her. Yi Ru accepts his apology, since she CANNOT stand liars as well. Those who lied to her will be sorry they ever met her. (I am highlighting this seemingly discordant scene - both cannot stand liars - because something tells me it will be important later.)

She ends up going on a date with him, because said friend is on leave. This was cute:

But I think this was the moment she started to fall for him:
(In the bottle, a huge paper star that says, "Keep your smile.")

And the third rocket bottle was the bomb:
No two shells are the same, each is one of a kind. And to be whole, a half shell needs to meet its perfect other half... just like us. She tells him that he doesn't have to go this far, but he shushes her. 
Shi De: "Give me a chance to keep your smile. Yi Ru, will you marry me?"

Sorry, she just can't - it's all too sudden. What about the fact that she's sick? And what about the future?

Don't think about it, he says. Nike's motto is the way to go. "You don't have to worry about anything. Just remember this moment. The love we have for each other. That's enough."

She nods, and they hug. MANSEI!!!

Meanwhile, back at home....
Lil' sis and Qi Ming sneezes (they say if you sneeze, that means someone is thinking/talking bad about you) while Papa's right eye keeps twitching (It's good or bad luck, depending on which eye). Is this the calm before the storm?


  1. That dream wedding had me so upset, too! lol. 3rd episode is the best!! (I wonder if the lying scene means he is going to think she lied to trick him into marrying her? I bet his family will think that, at least.)

  2. @LS: From what I gather, Yi Ru will be the one to leave (perhaps thinking he will not appreciate the lie). Shi De wouldn't blame her, I don't think. He'd want to find her when he gets back to Taiwan. I recommend Facebook, saves all the trouble.