Sunday, December 26, 2010

Episode 14's Preview (Based On Ending Of Episode 13)

I was sleepy and was going to sleep UNTIL I saw this and the 
adrenalin kicked in and I wasn't Zzzz anymore. It's 1 AM here by the way.
AWESOME EP!! *standing ovation applause*

If they're any mistakes in this transcript, it's MINE and not the Ko-Chi translator, 'cause she/he is my sifu and is super skilled. Sifu is the one who thought me Ko grammar at Baidu the other day (for the Ep 13 and 14 SIW), if you'd recall. 
A Moment To Remember

Oska voiceover: I'm trying to remember, one day I'll sure to remember about it. So, one by one, I'll piece them together.

Oska's manager very angrily seeks Oska out:
That plagiarized song, you know it's plagiarized and yet you're recording it? 

Oska's finds TS and says: That's right, I knew that you guys know each other!
Ra Im dancing with Joo Won (seriously, a sight to swoon)
RI: I know that if I continue to meet you, things will be much harder in the future

Ah Young gets fired, she walks into the house holding a cardboard box; JW's mom voiceover: Ruining your friend's life, can you life a happy life yourself?
Christmas tree and deco in RI's house, JW kneeling (OMG really? *rubs eyes* the classic romantic gesture, gah this totally unravels my heart) 
RI: Even now, am I only to be your Mermaid Princess? (JW I dare you to say yes, I'll chinca kill you then)

Seul brought a cake and finds Oska (oooh it's the Piano Room): I'm here because I'm worried about you. It's better than letting you daze off alone.
RI to JW's mom: I can't break up with your son. This is for your son's sake. (I'm betting this is Ra HIM and not Ra Im, if you look closely her eyes have a JW stare and she's speaks more authoritatively)   

Youku vid for the said transcript (it's good 'cause they're no shitty scenes of Seul pre-preview, just right to the gist):
She looks pretty pissed (Yeah, you gotta admit she's pretty.)

Ep 13 Ending/ Ep14 Preview: 

Via SG's Official Site, Baidu (screencaps and Chi trans), dc


  1. OMG Chloe! This latest eppie was da bomb! I couldn't heap enough praise for it. And thanks for the translation. Yeah. It seems that it's Ra-him talking. It was raining outside and she's wet. Anyway it's kinda of a bummer that they switch coz it was getting so good. At least for me :)

  2. I KNOW!!! Well, actually I don't 'cause I haven't watch it yet, but based on the bit I saw alone it was JJIANG DAEBAK and all the good Korean words :X :X :X

  3. it was one of the bestest episode so far and I think it's gonna be this way till the end
    I think he won't accept the mermaid thingy anymore he is so into her and now he knows that she is into him too , really loooooved this epi the hurt the love and everything it was great :)

  4. GAH! I'm so jealous you guys get to watch it raw:-L Right now I'm hoping Tudou will suddenly work on me (really can't wait!!!). of these days I really have to learn how to do the live thingy.

  5. I don't know how to watch it live too , and I totally relay on girls in soompi to post the tudou to watch it too even though I don't understand a word , that's how I'm addicted to the show chloe

  6. ahhh also chloe I thought u would post a song for this post but u didn't , I love the songs u'r posting with ur posts

  7. chole can i use the picture above ? A moment to remember, that was my favorite part of , the way he hung her it wass so sweet and caring

  8. Erm...I was reading the posts here and I don't know if this helps.
    First I went to TVU website:
    and download TVU. So after I have install it to my PC I'll just type KBC on the "search channels" or better yet, just click on this link:
    Most of the time, I can watch it live. Hope it helps. Sorry if it doesn't. Just wanted to help those who wanted to watch it live. We SG addict have to support each other :))
    P.S. I'm having such a girl-crush on Ha Ji Won right now.

  9. i don't speak korean but i know some words and when Ra Im told the mom about Joo Won, OMGGGG that was biggest turning point ever! And yes you are right, this episode is DAEBAK JJANG and most of all, KING WANG JJANG! the best Christmas gift ever!

  10. Chloe, thank you so much for the previews!!! The caps are fantastic too! What a wonderful Xmas present!!!

  11. @Anonymous#1: 'kay I will try to incorporate more OSTs into my posts; go look for M3's Novel Chap 3 (that was the Song of The Day -from Dalja's Spring OST :D)

    @Anonymous #2: Sure thing! It wasn't cut by me anyway, credits to dc

    @Anonymous #3: Thanks I learn a new Ko phrase. Hahaha.

    @puion: Hello! nice to see you here again;;) You're welcome, I'm as ecstatic as you since the couple are no longer goin' in circles; Writer Kim has heard our frustration;))

    I'm so glad Tudou is finally alive. Now at Oska cafe scene. I'm shipping for the beta couple too, love 'em. Oh Seul's so tragic =((

  12. chloe , this is anonym n° 1 thanks will go there now and listen to the song :)

  13. and the first pic of JW with his sparky tracksuit is awwwww , binnie looks hotttyyyy in that pic , and I always lovd that tracksuit ( the blue one ) , really I wish I can find it here in tunisia but I know it's be impossible , poor me =((

  14. Hi Chloe, I am just so glad that I found you through soompi. (I think? or was it through some other blog?) I truly appreciate your effort in keeping us up-to-date with SG! Woohoooo! I just don't know how I can survive 3 more weeks of this. In some ways, I wish it was only a 16-ep drama. I am just petrified that one of our OTP will die or something >0<

    But like you said, it's so wonderful to see Oska taking the initiative to resolve the misunderstanding between him & Seul. THANK GOODNESS! I was so frustrated with them before. Hope they will work out soon...because they are so HOT together lol!

  15. @Anonymous #1: Great!:D Hope you like it, it's one of my fav OST tracks.

    @puion: Oh gawd, don't get me started, the end is nearer than you think: it's January 16th! I'll be =(( to say bye bye to this show.

    @Anonymous #4: Don't lose hope! One day you may really see it; don't be too shock then:p

  16. hey. can i use binnie's pic above? he looks handsome :)

  17. @ mini: Thank you so much for the guide~ :X
    It sounds much easier than I thought.

    P.S: Sorry it couldn't be publish earlier. It went to the spam bin by default :p

    @ Anonymous: Of course! Feel free and thanks for asking :)

  18. HI! (: if you are still awake, can you post the link to the todou video?