Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Ultimate Shin Min Ah

Featuring...Shin Min Ah in not one, not two and nope not even three but 14 DIFFERENT VARIANTS. You'll get to see Shin Min Ah as a red hed, brunette, carrot-top head, and even purple head with short hair, long hair, bun, get the drift. The possibilities are endless...not unlike an algebra.

I was indifferent to Shin Min Ah, until Gumiho made me completely enamored.  Sad to say before that much of her works went out my radar 'cause kmovies rarely leave an impact on me compared to their small screen counterparts. There's no "bond" created unlike when you're following a drama for two months plus, along with a throng of nutsie fans.

Below are the rest of the looks she sported for hair care and shampoo product brand Mise en Scene in 2010's Personalized Stylish Ad Campaign. A real chameleon, this girl.

Shin Min Ah the greek goddess:

Shin Min Ah the chic career woman:

Shin Min Ah the temptress:

Love the voluminous curls:

Don't really fancy the carrot shade, but I dig the asymmetrical haircut:

This is okay I guess, but not my favorite look:

A bit overly Photoshopped:

One of my favorites:

I like the casual bun look in this one:

They changed her face! Something's wrong with the lighting and/or photoshop.

Sigh, why do shampoo ad ppl keep photoshopping like nobody's business? It really insults the intelligence of us customers.

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  1. Min ah is soo gorgeous :3 The short hairstyles made me think of SeoJoon from MMM (lol I'm still in that mode). The editors definitely overdid the photoshop though. Its disappointing >_>.