Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Woman JW Has On Speed Dial

Lee Ji Hyun...she's the woman Joo Won has on speed dial. And yes, she is his ex (I thought it was pretty obvious in Episode 8, when 
Ra Him told her JW's mom tried to paid her off).

Oh, and if you are wondering about their age gap, there's none. They are of the same age in the show. Used to be lovers, but now maintains a cool relationship. There's nothing she doesn't know about him and she'll be the first to find out about the soul swap.Edited post airing

Holey mackerel, someone finally finds out! That totally changes things, doesn't it? 

Via isplus (exerpt from the interview), Baidu (chinese translation) 


  1. o my god! o my god! o my god! .. she's going to find out .. HOW?????
    ah .. this is killing me :)]

  2. Dunno...maybe the usual way? In one of Joo Won's pysch sessions?

    But then again Joo Won's getting better, so there shouldn't be any. So maybe it's during post swap #2.

  3. In real life, she's the same age as Ha Ji Won (b.1979). They're both noonas to Hyun Bin (b.1982) [I wonder if Hyun Bin directs Ha Ji Won as noona?]

    Anyways, this lady looks just a tad too mature for Joo won --

  4. I like the doctor!!
    She's a true friend for Joo Won, whose family is the strange and stressful !!
    I really can't wait to see her finds out about the swap :)

  5. I was sure she was his ex , her meloncholic and lost look when JW in RI's body told her about his mother showed it all , wonder what will be her reaction when she finds out that JW is totally found of RI ? will she be jealous or just stay cool as she is always ?

  6. I love the doctor, she's endearing and luckily JW has her as his friend, maybe the only friend he has. I believe she know JW is falling for RI... She was the BFF to Chae Rim's character in Oh! My Lady, she was an awesome friend there too...