Thursday, December 23, 2010

BTS Pictures Of SG's Past Episodes

We have a mixture of Episode 9 (R.I.P Tracksuit) and Ep 10 (Damo Binnie), plus some other episodes. Before this, I have been posting lots of cute Ha Ji Won pictures, but now it's the guys' turn to get the limelight: Binnie and YSH. Even Sec. Kim makes an appearance!
Surprise!! Binnie can pout like HJW too ;O

Looks like Oska couldn't resist getting into jail too:

Yoon Sang Hyun having a moment with PD-nim (if I'm not mistaken, he should be Team B's PD Kwon Hyuk Chan):

Secretary Kim:

Binnie keeping his nose warm (can't help but notice the panda eyes):

I just feel like cuddling HJW in this one:

Via dc


  1. Secretary Kim :X He is one of my favorites. I was wondering how they did his hair :D

  2. thankuuu chloe
    the damo scene was just hillarious , I was laughing till tears fell out of my eyes , Binnie rocks really
    but then came that scene with HJW/RI AND PL/JS and it was awwwwwwsome too
    I so love secret garden , I wonder why didn't we get even the written preview for the upcoming episodes till now , usually they are out on wednesday and sometimes even tuesday and then the videos comes on friday and saturday .
    but this time and till now we have nothing , I'm just burning of anticipation wondering what's gonna happen .

  3. @kendisi: LMAO. I really thought that it was natural, no styling required.

    @Anonymous: Usually as the show goes on, the word spoiler will come out later too. I think its due to the filming schedule being increasingly last's a very hectic schedule to keep up =((

  4. Thank you so much for the bts pictures. I'm so in love with SG. I dream about it almost every day! And I stalk your blog at least 10 times per day! Thank you for making this amazing blog!

  5. Hi fellow Gardener! Let's enjoy the SG ride together ;))