Friday, December 24, 2010

SG: Sharp Eyed Viewers Notice Something Amiss

It's a trivial matter really, but this is what you get when you have only two episodes per week. There're two reasonings for this, one practical and the other's an explanation within the drama context. Which one would you prefer: A black-hearted Joo Won or a mere blooper?
As seen in Episode 9, the hearts drawn by Ra Im were clearly red; the color even visible from the back.

In the next episode the "fixed" map was already a copy, confirmed by the fact that the red in the hearts are now black hearts. "It must have been a Photostatted copy and recolored with red," viewers mused.
But some think: Could it be that Joo Won darkened them while adding the word "coward"? That's Kim Joo Won for you!

Chloe Says: I'm inclined to believe the earlier than the latter; if Joo Won did in fact darken it, the camera wouldn't have missed that moment (panning on his gleeful expression, no doubt). And I don't think he's that petty, did he or did he not hang Oska socks on Christmas trees for Ra Im?

Via Korean Commmunity, Baidu (stills and Chi trans)


  1. while we at it... the scene where oska is on the phone with his mom and seul walk by... the camera shot of seul front has snow falling while the shot of oska front has no snow falling

  2. You know, I NEVER notice these things when I'm watching a show; not unless it's spelled out for me. I'm the lousiest blooper spotter you can ever find:|

  3. hi. me too noticed that scene with YS and Oska. YS hair and coat has some snow flakes while Oska does not even have a small dot on his coat or hair. heehee

  4. Hi! If you remember clearly, Joo Won ripped the map after he saw it, so even after he taped it back, how can it be in one whole piece with Moma Moon? It's obvious the map is a photocopy; before or after being torn. Hope that clears something =)

  5. @Aisha:

    No, actually I'm even more confused now. What do you mean exactly? The one JW's mom is having is a photocopy of JW's, is it not?

    It has got to be an original at some point, what do you mean it was a photocopy all along? :-/

  6. can someone pls translate what's written on the map? I don't read/write/speak korean :(
    thanks much! :)