Sunday, December 12, 2010

SG Fan Made Goodies

As much as I feel sorry for my blog that it has to be abused this way, turning it into some sort of Secret Garden shrine; but whatchu gonna do when a girl's totally smitten?

I hereby present you SG offerings made by SG victims like myself:

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! *squeals* Aren't these adorable? From the fanatics at Cyworld:
LOL. Check critical parts and get a shock of your lifetime.

 While it'll take some time to figure out some of the stuff 'cause it's so tiny...
 ...but one look at Italy's flag and you're let in on the joke.

I can't figure out what the little grey thing he takes out is, but the stuff he's drinking must be the soul swapping wine.

And these are 10 lovely signatures by a talented gal, Ruo Zhen at Sina/Baidu. The pictures itself are nothing phenomenal, but I love the color palette here. Muted autumn tones turns an ordinary scene into dramatic nostalgia:

A dashing binnie, despite not getting enough sleep:

A mustachoed Yoon Sang Hyun.

I love the little gesture she does with her mouth:

A girl's idea of heaven:


  1. hey there. i loveeee the gifs. i think the grey thing that JW takes out is newspaper from ep2.

  2. Oh yeah, now I remember! I just thought it would be something more crucial to the plot, that's why I overlooked it:p