Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Chance To Visit Joo Won's Home

Since we are not the press or anything, this may be the only time you'll get to visit Maim Vision Village. 
It's open to everyone. You, me, heck even ALL the Gardeners at soompi can go and visit. But here's the thing: It's hosted in Japan, thus the tour group will depart from Japan to Korea.
Departs from: Haneda, Narita, Nagoya, Fukuoka.

SG Tour Itinerary:

1) First Public Opening! SG's Photo Opportunity Visit
a) Oska's Piano Practice Room
b) Swimming Pool
c) Oska's House (outside grounds only)
d) Joo Won's house (outside grounds only)
e) Oska's Dance Practice Room

2) First Time Exposed! Video Of The Production Process

3) A Mini Fanmeeting With Hyun Bin
*Actors from SG may also participate

4) Hyun Bin's Group Photoshoot
*Actors from SG may also participate

5) Secret Garden's OSTs

6) January 16th SG's Finale With Hyun Bin (omo, I'm teary-eyed thinking about it already... Boo! what am I going to do when it ends? Most importantly, WHERE am I suppose to go for replacement? I think I'm gonna need a therapist on speed dial after this)
*Actors from SG may also participate

7) Lotte Duty Free Store - ¥ 10 000 gift voucher

Date of Departure
A: 15 January 2011 (Sat) - 17 January 2011 (3 days 2 nights)
B: 15 January 2011 (Sat) - 18 January 2011 (4 days 3 nights)

Cost: The whole thing sets you back by approx. ¥ 120 000

Chloe Says: Which means = USD 1 400. I it expensive? How much is the flight ticket from Japan to Korea? I reckon it is since M'sia to Japan costs about the same, and that's only because it's so far away.


  1. the airfare isn't that expensive from jpn to kor. but it's the tour that's the most expensive part. btw, is secret garden already being shown in japan?

  2. wow! this is nice...strangely the poster has the names of hyun bin, ha ji won, and yoon sang hyun in it but the IT only involves hyun bin and "actors from sg MAY also participate" lol

    the japanese fans are really spoiled by hyun bin! ^^ i hope many of his fans can attend...this would be a good remembrance for the fans given that hyun bin will be out for two years...hopefully the fans would still wait for him...i want to go as well...T.T

    lol about your comment on therapist on speed dial...but i'm with you...good thing, i have a copy of worlds within as well...i wonder if he got more surprises for us...

    watching clips of episode 13, that guy is getting thinner and thinner...working in the winter time,heck, we don't want a frozen hyun bin...

    yeah, i also wonder if sg is being shown in japan already...

    thanks chloe for sharing ^^...

  3. Mmm, I have no idea about whether SG has aired in Jpn or not. I don't even know what kdrama's airing in my country now:| Oh yeah, I went back to grandma's place during Winter Soltice and I think it was YAB...JGS makes me =)) there

    @Anonymous: Yeah, I figured. I was just wondering how much is the price of the ticket ;)

    @dreamer: Strangely, I've gotten use to his strawberry face already:X I think it should be fine: Look at Kim Jae Wook; he's as skinny as hell and his face shape is similar but no one is worried 'cause he was like that from the start.

    P.S: Heh, I've got a better copy: MNIKSS :D

  4. LOL you guys...!
    BUT it seems a blast to visit them on hte filming location!
    Truthfully, this the only Hyun Bin drama i am totally obsessed abt and going all out for it even though i watched Sam-soon and parts of Worlds Within.
    When is Binnie going to the army again?

  5. @ilikehim: I loved Samsoon! Still do but it wasn't as crazy as this since I followed it on local tv and not via internet...

    Yes, the tour sounds fantastic, doesn't it? ;) If HB were by my side, I reckon the finale won't be so heartbreaking for me...

    P.S: If I'm not wrong, I think it's March next year=((

  6. What exciting news! How can we join this tour? I'll be living in Japan next month and would love to go! ^^