Sunday, December 26, 2010

Spoiler In Words: Secret Garden Episode 14 (Ext. Version)

OMG sifu has delurked! He/She is making daily appearances on Baidu nowadays. I'm estatic right now~
This time it's a six-minute preview; the part transcript:

My thanks to limestar08@soompi for mentioning this:

FFWD-ed Seul's bitchy scenes, and Oska's interview:
[Scene: Joo Won & Ra Im at her house, he has a little Christmas surprise for her. She's visibly touched by the gesture] 
*The Ass becomes The Aww* I'm freakin' happy for them (o^__^o)

JW tells RI that he can have happy memories at her house now (referring to what RI said last episode: That she would be haunted by the memories JW's mom gave her at her own house).

JW pretending he's speaking to Sec. Kim, telling him to take over the night shift. (but he's actually's calling Ah Young, hehe)
Ra Im panics (and embarrassed), snatches the phone away and tells him: "Are you crazy?"
Ra Im: Why are you doing such an embarassing thing? Really (can't stand you)!
Joo Won: In your opinion, why do you think I'm doing this? (teasing tone)
Ra Im: Really! Won't you let go?
Joo Won: Why? What's wrong? We're all adults here, what's there that cannot be done?
Ra Im: You...(!) Come try if you dare!
Joo Won: What? What do you think I want to do?
I'm in *bliss* right now...this is what I've been waiting for: Joo Won the lovey-dovey version. He should do this more often :D

Tae Ssun and Oska's composer:
TS (angry): If we have already agreed to pretend it never happen before, shouldn't we keep mum?
Composer: At first I wanted to remain silent, I was going to do that, but I felt this was the right thing to do.
Aren't you standing in front of me right now...(The composer seems to like TS)

Oska cancel the Christmas concert, and gets the manager to refund the tickets.
Manager (angry): What are you talking about? Of course the concert should go on!
Oska: I can't (do that).
Manager *high pitched voice*: Why can't you?! 

TS feels sorry, apologize and says it's all his fault.
Oska: If it were really your fault, that would be great. But it seems like it's not entirely so, so just go... It's just the penance I've to pay for my the sins I've committed earlier. 

JW Mom's hears about The Kiss at the VVIP Christmas Party. She says "bichinom" threefour times, and calls RI:
"Said that you wouldn't see him even if you were to die. Was it a month before? Or two?" "Who said that? Who!!!" (boy she's pissed; nothing unusual about that though)
Oska's eating biscuits alone, Seul comes in (same preview as before, just slightly longer because of the "Here I Am" performance)

Via dc (stills), Baidu (chi translations)


  1. nuts i was hoping for a little longer kiss scene preview... maybe the dance portion or at least a little longer view of her suped-up self before the poor/tomboy/lumberjack/funny-head-cover look kick in

  2. *swoon* our JW's growing up... love this new teasing side of him.


  4. @goMeat: I love ALL of her versions, except for Ra Him, hehe:P

    @Anonymous #1: Yes, I thought he could only do sarcasm, but he does aegyo~ damn well. That's my boy :X

    @Anonymous #2: \m/ >_< \m/

  5. Thankuuuuu , OMG how many times will I repeat this I LOVE JW :x
    it's gonna be rooooocking
    but someone kills the mother please

  6. I think I'm literally in pain waiting for the subs.

  7. @Anonymous: Actually I'm grateful to the mom, 'cause w/o her I wouldn't get to witness JW's confession;)) So kumawo, plastic omma.

    @MMM: You know what they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger:p