Monday, December 13, 2010

What He Read, She Read the writer trying to promote Korean literature? If so, I've nothing against it, reading is certainly a very good hobby. Read 
Part I of Binnie's books here.

While I thought the usage of literary titles in Episode 3 poetic, I found its execution slightly forced in Episode 10. Even so, I appreciate Writer Kim trying to connect the OTP in this manner, 
thus completing the circle: What he thought of her, and what she thought of him. Ra Im has certainly been thinking about him for more than 5 minutes. Oh, if only Joo Won knew.

The books Ra Im read to find out what's in his mind (and heart):
Alice In Wonderland -Oh, I'm sure you know what's this is about.

Like A Fairy Tale -Novel, An average couple that goes through three marriages and two divorces to be together. A modern take on a fairytale, Korea's version of Tian Mi Mi (there was a kmovie remake Yoon Eun Hye was supposed to film with Park Yong Ha-RIP).

The Night That Eun-ha Shot Through The Galaxy -Poetry, On that brilliant moment when two galaxies become one.

A Trivial Melancholy -Novel, Explores the "bad habits" of human beings. Must be about *cough* Ra Im *cough*

A Bad Boy Is Standing There -Poetry.

She walked at the pace of memory -Novel.

Alice In The Wonderland Syndrome (AIWS)
Turns out its not a metaphor, it's a real neurological disease which affects the human's perception. That's so Joo Won to think of love as a disease: first it was hormone disease, then heart, and now brain? 
Good luck in finding out what your real problem is, buddy.

On the collection of books- At first I was kind of puzzled why it's Alice (but relieved it wasn't TLM), but I guess the writer explained it in the Damo scene, when Joo Won narrates he must be suffering from AIWS to be thinking every moment with Ra Im is a fairy tale. Yeah, I think I'm suffering from AIWS too, there's no reason why I should be lovin' Kim Ttol Chu so much.

Credits: Book infos via Baidu's Secret Garden Bar (in chinese), translated into english by hellochloe (note: Books #3, #5 and #6 titles' are edited to dramabeans' translation)


  1. I loved it the first time they did it, but I thought it was kind of forced this go round. I would have loved it if they did something a little different. Like he made boats out of the paper or something and sailed them across his little pond.

    - Buhdoop

    PS. I love your blog!

  2. @ Anonymous: That'd have been so romantic!

  3. Thanks Buhdoop and Sophie for taking your time to comment:X I enjoy waxing lyrical on SG with you guys. Very romantic, Buhdoop. Make that a boat with candles (I recall seeing that in a drama somewhere).

    But I'd like to think that the significance of that scene was not what he did, but what SHE did. Writer Kim said the usage in Ep 3 was to indirectly show Joo Won's thoughts on Ra Im, therefore I think this deja vu is what Ra Im thought about him instead.

    And that itself is romantic enough for me, plus the fact that they're thinking about each other at the same time (like what Ra Im asked Oska in Ep 10):X

  4. It does seam sweeter in that context. Thanks for the clarification. I still need the English subs for 9 and 10. I'm trying not to be too stalkerish on AM-A.