Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Secret Garden Spoiler Galore

This is super weird. I just had a bizarre encounter on Baidu just now. Someone posted what I wrote on the hospital spoiler scene, sourced from facebook. I'm like, I translated the stuff from here and you throw it back here, in English? LMAO. 
I am aware you can share stuff through fb, twitter and whatnot (I have cute little sharing buttons at the bottom of my posts), but to be honest I have no idea how it actually works. A real head scratcher, this one. 

These are photos on location for two scenes. First set is in Paju taken on the 20th, rumored to be the action school. 

Second set is the juicer one. For one, the OTP is there; secondly, based on what the onlookers say, it's a melo scene (again?).

There's not much to the scene, basically it's this: Ra Im leaves the car park, and Joo Won's not stopping her; just looked on sadly at her parting figure.

But the filming session did took very long, as they needed to shoot the scene from various angles: panoramic view, half-body shot, and individual close ups, etc. until the sky went dark and it was really cold. 

BTS Events: Because of the cold weather, Binnie has to (repeatedly) wear the jacket as he has to take it off while filming. The two leads have a pretty good relationship; as they rehearse their lines, Ha Ji Won was seen laughing.

During the half-body shot, because it was really cold, HJW's lower half was wrapped up with a blanket. For the car scene, Hyun Bin drove the car himself, he maneuvered with precision and looked dashing.

Based on what a crew member said, after they wrap up that scene, Team A (the filming crew is split into two, A and B) still has to go shoot in the hospital and in the Action School. Looks like an all-nighter again.

Via dc, Baidu (Chinese translations)


  1. Thanks for the news and pix chloe , those two are going to fight again , sighhhhh why can't we have some peaceful scenes with cute romance between them , I really wish it's not going to be heart breaking episodes :(

  2. agree. would like to see them date and some romance before their soul switching. read somewhere about RI left in tears in the car park scene but I am not sure. Cant tell if it was speculation.