Friday, December 10, 2010

Spoiler In Words: Secret Garden Episode 9 and 10 (Ext. Version)

Man, I'm stilled pissed at the mere seconds video they tried to pass off as a preview.
Episode 9
After the swap, Ra Im leaves and Joo Won, panicking, quickly demanded for a lawyer. In the cell, he got a shock when he saw a drunk fellow wearing an identical tracksuit as his (*sigh* Writer Kim will never let it go, eh?). Does that mean the guy is also loaded? Hmm...

Ra Im's shocked at the changed appearance of the house. Meanwhile, Oska finds Seul and tells her that the IP address of the person who leaked the song was traced to her.

Episode 10
Oska tells Ra Im that she's cooler than he'd thought. Joo Won glares at them (woohoo, Jeju Scene No.2). Ra Im retorts that it's none of his business; glanced at his clothing and says something. Joo Won tells her that it's handmade (what else?), and a branded brand from France (first Italy, now France? Where's the next fashion capital?).

Ra Im ignores him and greets Oska. Joo Won also demands her to greet him. She glares at him and says, "Be careful on the road." (basically asking him to leave)

Chloe Says: Have you seen my posts lately? It's nothing but SG. How (and when) did I end up like this? Really need to stop thinking about Joo Won and Ra Im. It's unhealthy, to say the least. 

Credits: dc for pictures, chinese translation by Baidu's Secret Garden


  1. I actually thought Ra Im (as JW) might have given that bling bling tracksuit to a homeless person or something.. just to piss him off, you know...

  2. Luv luv luv your SG posts. More places for us die hards to hang out.

  3. @aabass89
    That's a possibility too^^ But wouldn't it be more interesting if it weren't a limited edition tracksuit? That should stop Joo Won from boasting. Hah!

    We should give us SG fans a name. There's got be something better than Gardeners~x(

  4. About the tracksuit, you know out there how there are clone to expensive designer stuff. I'm thinking of those. XDDD

  5. thanks chloe , wonder where and why will she meet both cousins JW and oska ?
    about the tracksuit , am I the one who loves it :D

  6. gardener? LOL :)) that's sound cheesy
    i love SG too... yeah! this is the best drama ini this year. i watch marry me mary too, but don't really curious about the next episode like i do with SG.
    the line story in MMM just seems so-so and ehm..kinda boring (but still i love Moon Geun Young, she is cute like bunny there) ;)

  7. hi thanks for the updates! where can i watch the video preview for ep10? thanks

  8. HJW is so cute on thie last picture :)
    Waa...episode 10 will be so tense !!
    Can't wait, can't wait!!
    In any case, thanks Chloe for this wave of SG posts!! I like it...."SG, what else" :lool ^^

  9. @jeezvive:

    The previews won't come out before Episode 9 airs :)

  10. You're not the only one who is obsessed with SG, it's my first time following an immensely popular Kdrama as it airs (I imagine this is like the hype with Coffee Prince or MNIKSS?).

    I usually wait until the subs are available for a drama but with SG I am searching the net for live recaps and summaries and previews and, well, that's how I ended up here!

    What I really like about your blog is that you show us the fanmade stuff too: the photoshopped pics and the cartoon characters.

  11. i think the point of the drunk old guy wearing the same tracksuit was to show joo woon that it's THOSE type of tacky ajhussis that wear them and that's why people think he looks so ridiculous in it because people associate it with an old horny and tacky ahjussi lol that's just my interpretation though.

  12. hahaha, first now I recognize, that JW is sitting in the car with R and the is so funny. How could he be able to sit there in such a small place with them... hahaha and between R and the other guys like he wants to keep them away from her.. OMG it is so hilarious x( =))