Saturday, December 25, 2010

Another January Drama Offering: Paradise Ranch

PR is one drama I would be so much more excited over if only I remained blissfully ignorant of the cast. Entirely shot pre-broadcast, this drama boasts of having a breathtaking scenery and stellar soundtrack. I'm not so much for shows filmed in pretty places just for the sake of featuring the picturesque spot, but I'm a sucker for OSTs, ESPECIALLY the good ones.

The story sounds nice (the warm-your-insides kind): "A divorce couple returns to their old house and realize they may still have feelings for each other." And I heard it's going to be a REAL love square (read: not a fake one like M3). 

"Giant" Guy is Joo Sang Wook

On the cast: I'm scared. Bloody petrified. I haven't watch any of them before (not much), Giant guy is new to me, ditto for Yoo Hana and Lee Yeon Hee. Shim Changmin scares me the most 'cause he looks so wooden, it's hard to imagine him having any other expressions other than "blank" (I'm just judging from appearances though). 

The only performance I could critique is Lee Yeon Hee's in kmovie Millionaire's First Love, and I thought she held her own against Hyun Bin there. I especially love the 'dancing with the ladle' part.  
But what's for sure is: I WILL check it out (after all, how else will I find a hidden gem if I don't risk failure?); being categorized as cheerful melodrama sounds interesting enough (never thought it was possible before SG). And I have a date for you guys: 24th January 2011. 

More character stills:

On location (in Australia and Jeju-do):

Via Baidu's Paradise Ranch

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  1. hmm..i like changmin as a singer, but not sure if ill like him as an actor. He's one of my faves from DBSK. I don't want to get disappointed with him. So, I will wait for your review to see if I should watch it or not. This drama hopefully won't be a heading to the ground fiasco with yunho and instead will be awesome like yoochun's SKKS. :)