Thursday, December 30, 2010

Secret Garden News For Today (Spoilers Included)

First news on Thursday morning, I'll update this post again if I get any latest news that stirs my interest (that includes spoilers AND non-spoilers) Updated!

Newsflash #4: Pic updates on ambulance scene

Joo Won, is that you on that stretcher?! 

The last scene involves a cab.

Newsflash #3: Out of four scenes, two are so thing for sure, rain is NOT a good thing in Secret Garden (eh, isn't that like MGIAG?)

Scene One: Audition scene 
Date: Yesterday (29/12/2010)
Venue: Action school

Binnie and HJW only needed to take one shot and it was an OK. The weather is cold, and HJW hands Binnie a cup of coffee, they're very comfortable with each other and often share a laugh or two. 

Scene Two: Ra Im crying in the rain
After that, HJW was seen filming in the rain, crying, "Kim Joo Won, Kim Joo Won!" 
The first and second shots proceeded smoothly, but the 3-7 shots each took longer than the other. HJW was so cold her face was drained of color and she kept shivering. And her cries in the scene were really heartbreaking, not sure when it will be aired. 

Scene Three: Ra Im and JW's mom goes to the charnel house(!)

Scene Four: Joo Won and Jong Soo
Date: Today (30/12/2010) at two in the morning
Venue: Action school

It's snowing and super cold; 50 cups of cappuccino and latte were prepared for the crew. HB and Philip both said thanks and continue shooting. HB left first after wrapping up his scenes, Philip Lee continued shooting his alone. After that seven in the morning there was another scene at Lotte Department Store.

Newsflash #2: Spoiler for Episode 15
It's just a rumor, but I'll pass it on to you (this blog is Grapevine Central after all):

"It is said that Ra Im and Joo Won will switch back before the audition."
So yay? 

Newsflash #1: More photos of celebrity wearing horrendous tracksuits. Seriously, I don't get Korean trends -I mean, Japan's Hotaru no Hikari is downright popular too, but won't see no Japanese flaunting their jerseys out the streets, no? 

At this rate, why don't we just post celebs who has NOT wear it yet, sheesh:
My eyes! Ooh, they burn...

K-rapper Kim Jin Pyo's son (small children, I forgive; it's the sins of their fathers' anyway):

Via me2day, Baidu (Chi trans)


  1. is it already morning in ur land , here in my land it's still 22H04 , thanks for the flashnews :)
    I'm still waiting for ur news updates , they always make my day especially when I'm at work .
    for the tracksuit I really love the blue one very much and I wish I can get one ( but no hope since such kind of clothes will never be sold in my country :( ) , it's unique , but I don't like the leopard and the pink one

  2. So they switched back before the audition, but b/c JW is in the elevator at that time he ended up in the hospital which makes Ra Im can't go to the audition (has to stay & take care of boyfriend). Which is why JW feels sorry from the snippet preview of episode 16 (I think that's the opening scene of episode 16 - can't wait what they have in store for the remaining 45 mins). Sunday episode is always the best!

  3. Since we're heading to the finale in 3 weeks - I would be on the floor if they include a bed scene. Since they're going to shack it up in episode 15/16 and unless Joo Won plan to chant that Kim Sooroo 24/7, they might as well give us one. Ha!

  4. I love your updates!!! I visit every day to read them!
    Will there be more IADD updates soon?
    Thank you so much!

  5. Hi Chloe, thanks again for giving us not only regular updates but an insight into SG mania too - the kid even has a typical Joo Won expression: too funny

  6. @Anonymous #1: I like the blue one too. 'Cause it's the original Joo Won;) Then again, I'm liking it 'cause Binnie wore it, even the purple lace looks good on him (I begrudgingly admit).

    @apdy: Very highly likely. That's what I think too. On the bed scene, heh: As if they'll give us one. I don't put very high hopes on kdramas on that matter (someone should tweet to Ms.Kim about this).

    @Anonymous: Yes of course, I'm still following that show.

    @Josina: I'm more that glad to be able to do so. :)) Yeah, that surly expression really matches JW 100%. I'm sure he also loves to read poetry and AITW ;))

  7. @Josina and Chloeplus: and he asks little girls in the playground their measurements, lol.

  8. oh my god.
    that kid is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Noh Hong Chul looks creepy in it XD

    but geez, that kid.
    SO CUTE!

  9. @buhdoop: ewww! That's not cool buhdoop! At that age we don't even have a bust measurement yet b-(

  10. Thanks for all the update Chloe.

    "Charnel house" left me cold. Dead cold. Somehow, it didn't help that we also have a scene with RI crying frantically in the rain screaming JW's he's gone or something.

    Maybe I shouldn't watch this until the end...but then, if only I can stay away...

    Ottokke...what should we do? I pray to All Powers Above that the writer is toying with us. Dear goodness.

  11. @puion: The updates could be inaccurate? That's what I'm hoping for. I KNOW they won't die and it will be a happy ending. For sure!!x(

    Maybe charnel house is to visit JW's dad? or maybe RI's dad (who's likely to be JW's savior?). And perhaps the rain moment is when they've switch back and RI could sense JW is in danger (back in LOEL?) Gah! So tough to decipher ~x(

  12. Chloe, I certainly hope so...but it's just so hard not to worry about these so-called scenes & speculations that come with it.

    I really hope there is no death in this drama (of course not counting RI's father...because if he didn't sacrifice his life for JW's, we would have this wonderful love story)

    *sigh* How in the world can I last another 3 weeks of this?!

  13. PD of the show already confirmed it will be a happy ending that will satisfy everyone. I hope he's not lying, I'm sure he knows the consequences :D

  14. Since SG started and you've been giving us all these spoilers, I've been a regular stalker on your blog. :) Thanks so much for being SG's spoiler central!
    Gosh, I can't even imagine that SG will be ending in 3 weeks time! As all the others I'm sure we're all be having major withdrawal symptoms. Maybe we'll all end up chanting like JW! :)
    Like apdy, I'm hoping for a bed scene, too! Oh, please kdrama gods grant our wish!
    I'm still so positive that SG will end on a happy note! Remember MGIAG, everyone thought that it may be a sad ending but it ended fine.

  15. If this is the finale week & we read that RI & JW's mom going to the charnel house -- that would be alarming!

    Why would they both make an appearance at the charnel house? We know it's RI's father anniversary, so could it be that JW's mom knows about her father & comes to pay respect as well. That doesn't seem like her character but it's a step up to ease to animosity she has towards RI...

    SBS Award 2morrow!

  16. I feel that JW's mom despite her foul language is not as bad as we think. When Ra-im was crying about how her dad was insulted and how she has no right to insult him since he was a hero who put his life on the line for people, I can see JW's mom's face changed a bit and she seemed a bit "human" and apologetic there. But then she probably noticed it, switched back to her usual self and insult further ><

  17. Actually that scene where the Mom tears up a bit was b/c of the actress - she left a message at SBS site saying how horrible she felt saying those hurtful words to RI & she was crying behind the cam seeing RI (Ha Ji Won) break down

    JW mom strikes me as mean & funny at the same time. Not pure evil, she's like Samshik mom in My Name is Kim Sam Soon. By the way, the grandfather was also in KSS w/ Hyun Bin, and he was so funny despite not a whole lot of screen time. I hope to see him having more screen time with JW & RI.

  18. HB looks dashing at the airport

    I only recognize JW's car ;) What abt the other 3

  19. @Anonymous & apdy: Uh, I'm so not buying the nice-mom routine! In real life, yes of course she is. But in drama...eeek! She can't even be place in the same league as KSS's.

    And it's a good thing she left that msg @ the website too, can you imagine the amt of antis she must be having bcuz of SG? It's damage control, I say ;)

    Oh the white cars looks like they're the same model.

  20. No HOng Chul is known for his 'flashy' fashion. Most of the tracksuits he wore in your pictures, were what he wore before Secret Garden aired.

    But nonetheless, thank you for the spoilers. I can't wait till this weekend. <3