Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Spoiler In Words: SG Episode 11, Plus: Cupid's Photos

Ah, another JW ass-hollery moment. We really should make a list. 
Joo Won asks a favor from mom: Later on, if he says he can't leave Ra Im and will even die without her, mom must come to put a stop to it immediately. JW's mom thinks to herself: "Not asking for a blessing, but to stop them instead? What's with this situation?" (YEAH Joo Won!! WTF is goin' on here?)

Ra Im is dumbfounded by the exchange between the two, and speaks up for herself: "If you would hire a few people to keep an eye on him, and make sure he doesn't bother me again, I'd be forever grateful."

Chloe Says:
What THE heck? Is this some kind of reverse psychology shtick? I'm so not happy with Joo Won right now. I don't wanna to see his face, therefore no photos of him and I shall be spamming pics of Ra Im's sunbae a.k.a. The Cupid. Sunbae-nim, please go and box Binnie's ears for me.

Credits: yellowcrystal2 from the Korean community (chinese translation), pictures via official site,10Asia and Mtstarnews


  1. Ooh RI cupid sunbae is cute... :x

  2. mad at JW, so no pics of him?
    you're LOL, chloe

    hmm...he is not bad looking

  3. I SOOOOOOO love this sanbae and I already said that on soompi , he is such a cuty pie and always trying to help RI for her sake since he said he wants her to stop suffer and struggle , I think he will be also the directo-JW's sis cupid too :)