Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Spoiler Scene: A Few Words

Mamma mia! Could it be linked to these pics?

Below is a scene witnessed by a passerby (or stalker) who'd later posted it on dc. Kdrama promo ppl may be stingy, but Korean citizens on the other hand, are extremely generous :D

Venue: Ra Im's neighbourhood
Scene: An Angry Joo Won

Ra Im broke Joo Won's phone. An angry Joo Won drove a BMW (lol on that detail) and waited for her for several hours. Ra Im met him on her way back to her house and got yelled at for not answering his calls. His words: 
Making someone like me wait, does that sound plausible to you? Because of you, I'm a wreck. What's so great about you?! Are you happy now? 
He continues blaming her, even citing that she's the reason for his jealousy towards Oska (I thought the rivalry between them started a looooong time ago). Ra Im answers, "How is that my fault?"
(deja vu. *sigh*) Joo Won gets angry and says:
You won't become the Little Mermaid? Fine, I'll become one then.
Words, Just Words
The exchange is reminiscent of the one they had in Jeju-do, BUT that one little part in the end changes everything. Ten episodes later, JW finally does something right and not doing something out of How To Piss Off A Girl And Make Her Hate You Forever handbook. I can die a happy fan now.

Via dc, Baidu (chinese translations)


  1. Wait... With his crazy shining tracksuits which totally look like some scales, wasn't it obvious that JW was the mermaid ? XD

    Alright, alright, one good point for him if this line survives through the editing process ^^

  2. Waaa....such a good scene in perspective !!
    Korean citizens are indeed extremely generous :)
    But it can be really dangerous...Like in "Prosecutor princess" :)

  3. lol at choufy. Poor JW, he wants to forget about her but can't stop thinking of her either.

    So now he offered to whore himself out, sigh...JW is a mess.

    Maybe she will say no and then they'll switch bodies again?

  4. whoa there JerkWon. keep a hold on yourself...
    here's hoping that scene is not just some overexcited fan's fantasy and that we'd get to really see it on screen. or I'd kick up a fuss...

  5. Actually, I am not swooning. He is simply re-wording the same mermaid story. How is that touching? No difference whether he disappears or Ra-Im disappears.