Saturday, December 18, 2010

Secret Garden: The Kiss

Joo Won kisses Ra Im: Take Two. That's right, it's a forceful kiss (again). But this time its entirely different ballgame, when feelings are involved (can't guarantee a declaration of undying love on JW's part, but at least there is a subtle change).

The Kiss will happen in Episode 11 (today!). In this episode, Joo Won ups his game and becomes more aggressive in pursuing Ra Im. He confesses his feelings to Ra Im once more and tries to kiss her. Ra Im pushes him away, but he wouldn't let go. 

The OTP's prior kisses, "The Bench Kiss" and "The Cappuccino Kiss" happened because of the surrounding circumstances but this time Joo Won deliberately goes to kiss her to determine where his true heart lies. The production unit said that the filming of this third kiss proceeded very naturally and done without any NG.

Forceful? But she doesn't seem that unwilling...

Via OSEN, naver translated by Baidu (chinese)


  1. thanks for sharing! they're such professional actors and seem very at ease with each other!! can't wait!

  2. o my gooooooooooood o my god o my god o my god o my god o my god o my god .. yes that's how much I am excited!!! .. Thank you soooooo much for the info ;)) :D :P :))

  3. @Anonymous #1: The pleasure is all mine. I'm looking forward to it too.

    @Anonymous #2: LOL, not enough emoticons. You forgot :X and :-*

  4. Thanks for the spoiler! You are awesome!! Can't wait for tomorrow. :)

  5. ah ah ah. that's enough for the rest of the day. thank you so much , chloe. I love your posts and check your blog as frequently as soompi.
    Maybe after this kiss, Ra Im will understand his deep feelings for her. so many misunderstandings between them two. As a secret garden addict myself, i can not wait to see her reacts when hearing he mention himself as The Little Mermaid. Poor our Jo Woo. I do hope that after this confession, he'll give up his cold words. His words are freaking hurtful.

  6. i went crazy after i saw this. screamed all the way (for excitement of course!)

    omg omg omg!!!

  7. haven't seen this weekend eps since my pc is broken :(( but coming here and read your spoilers and see the pics make me better :)

    please post more!!

  8. @ veryfairy

    Aww...that's the worst fate a kdrama addict could ever have! I hope your pc will get well soon:D