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Spoiler In Words: Drunken To Love You Episode 11 + Ep Preview

~Cup 11: So it's you!~
Xiao Ru couldn't stand the way Jie Xiu keeps making her heart sway. She makes up her mind and went to Madam Da Nai's temple to get rid of her ill-fated relationship with Jie Xiu. She bumps into Ai Wei who's at the temple for the same purpose!

Between the two women, who will win in their fight for love? And Xiao Ru's feelings for Jie Xiu, will it really go in accordance to the Madam Da Nai's wishes?
Shuo Huai ordered a fire drill. Xiao Ru loses her wedding ring in the process of helping someone out. Shuo Huai takes this opportunity to get closer to her. 

All signs show that Madam Da Nai is showing her prowess, disrupting the fate between Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu! 
On the other hand, the lonely Samantha has a date with Jie Xiu's boss set up by an online dating site

Jie Xiu is thoroughly embarassed by his mom's actions, and what made him even madder was that even Xiao Ru has decided to join his mom to the blind date event! At the ballroom of High Hotel, a war between men and women is about to start!

Ep Preview:

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Spoiler In Words: Best Love 15

Okay no one's gonna die... whew! Looks there's a time skip too!
Spoiler In Words

The Dokgo who has received treatment overseas, he is completely restored and revitalized. And thanks to his upgrade (of the heart), Dokgo is a more "special" than ever before (is that possible?).

Seeing the "miracle man" who's even better than the Dokgo before, Ae Jung is torn on whether to break up their relationship for the sake of his future. 
Pil Joo who's at the Medicinal Herbs Market bumps into Ae Jung who's dressed like Jang Geum, in sageuk attire (okayy, this is so weird...)

Meanwhile, Dokgo has a happy reunion with Ding Dong :)

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Spoiler In Words: City Hunter Ep. 9

Boy, CH is such a breezy journey. Kind of shocking that we're already halfway through the series, because the adrenalin level's still high as if we've just started.
Oh, this episode? Daddy scores again (FYI to ppl who are keeping tabs, you know who you are *wink*).

Spoiler In Words
Yun Seong uses all his might to save Na Na, and because of his injury, the wound is bleeding non-stop.

Seo Yong Hak runs away, shooting Young Ju in the process...
On the other hand, Yun Seong's dad sucessfully captures Seo Yong Hak. He leaves the scene, taking him along...

Spoiler In Words: Miss Ripley Episode 8

Myeong Hun meets Hirayama and gives him 100 million Won, asking him never to bother Mi Ri again. Mi Ri lies and says that she only did that to earn money for her tuition fees, and thus averted the crisis.
Under Myeong Hun's guidance, Mi Ri successfully delivers the lecture on stage. She's in bliss and is very happy. Meanwhile, Yu Hyeon has prepared a surprise for Mi Ri who did well on stage, however...

Via yujini@Baidu's Miss Ripley

Spoiler In Words: Baby-Faced Beauty Episode 16

In order to become a full-time employee, So Young carries the blame for hiding the the fact that she is color blind. Regarding this matter, Chief Baek says he'll take the full responsibility and resign. But So Young manages to find evidence of Yun Seo being a two-headed snake! (I don't mean that literally. I think)
Based on this, So Young finds Yun Seo and tells her that she won't give up and will surely realize her dream to be a designer. Jin Wook protects So Young and stays by her side, using his own way of protecting her. As a result, So Young joins The Style's competition to design a dress! 
A person who does not give up her dreams and courage no matter what the obstacles, stay tuned for the uprising of the baby-faced beauty Lee So Young!

Via Baidu's BFB

Miss Ripley OST: Hwayobi's Glass

Glass - Hwayobi
Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe this song. And the lyrics? By the same person who did that heartbreaking song in Best Love, "Don't Forget Me" and also "That Woman", "That Man" for Secret Garden's OST. In short, this man has been solely responsible for the meaning to all my favorite songs.

Title: Glass
Artist: Hwayobi
Lyricist: Won Tae Yeon
Why is love like glass? 
Just a little scratch and it will shatter
Along with the parting, fragments of love 
Stabs deep to the chest into my heart

As I put on make-up, I'd pray 
That at least you to me, to my heart full of scars
Even you won't be able to enter it

The you who loved me at that moment
 But merely pass me by, made me hate you
The me you know
 It's only fiction 
 They're lies wrapped over scars

The me who has never been loved before
 There's only tears, only tears
Although I wish for it too, to fall asleep on your warm chest

Please love me, I'm in a lot of pain right now
Only you can fix me

I love you
 Even if I am reborn again, I'll still love you
To me, your love is a necessity 

As I put on make-up, I'd pray 
That at least you to me, to my heart full of scars
Even you won't be able to enter it

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Best Love OST: Big Mama Soul's Tears Of Love

I'm squirming in my seat as I translate this. NO ONE is dying on me, you hear me? I will live through these three days, considering I did not went loco during the SG craze hoping no harm will come upon Joo Won and Ra Im. Please let me look back at this drama with a smile!

The official MV:
Title: Tears of Love (literally "I love you hence I cry"; no freakin way am I going to use "Love you even I cry" by LOEN Ent.)
Artist: Big Mama Soul
The person I love with all my heart, the person I miss everyday 
Even now, I'm missing you
Those words I can't bear to hold in, tears fall as I love you

The voice that's calling me, is it you? 
Made me turn back and look
In places you'll pass by, the me that looks out for you
I missing you, no matter if it's a day or a year
 Even after then, these words will not change
Compared to yesterday, becoming a better person today
 This person... it's you

I love you, if not for you, my tears will fall day and night 
When I see you, the words that make my heart race 
The words that fills my heart, tears fall as I love you

Receiving this undeserved love, I'm so afraid
I can only give so little, sorry for that
But understand this, do believe this love I have for you

I love you, if not for you, my tears will fall day and night
When I see you, the words that make my heart race
 The words that fills my heart, tears fall as I love you

If someone asks me what is love, 
I'll surely answer "The best love is you" 
Towards the sky I'd tell, the most precious person is you
Even if I search the world over for someone to replace you,
There won't be a person like you anywhere
When I see you, the words that make my heart race
The words that fills my heart, tears fall as I love you

The person I love with all my heart
In this world, there's only one you

Chloe Says: Purple is sung in English, probably should've been I'm missing you, but I'm following what's written in the original Ko lyrics, so there (won't be the first grammar mistake in Ko lyrics anyways).

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Spoiler In Words: Drunken To Love You Episode 10

WTF new people are coming in every week (=_=)"
~Cup 10: The more I love you, the more perturbed I am~
Cracks show in Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu's relationship when Ai Wei suddenly pays a visit. Jie Xiu's estranged mother, Samantha has also came to visit to see her grandchild. Jie Xiu finds out the truth about Xiao Ru's pregnancy.

Through Xiao Ru's inadvertent slip of the tongue regarding that night at the resort, Jie Xiu confirms his feelings for her and begins to pursue her aggressively. Will Xiao Ru be able to bravely face the happiness Jie Xiu wants to give her?

The ironic thing is, both Ai Wei and Xiao Ru have their own motives for obtaining a drop of Jie Xiu's blood (lemme guess, one's a vampire and the other wants to check DNA?). Who will succesfully accomplish the task in the end? And exactly what's the purpose? (that's what I'd like to know)
And Geng Shuo Huai who wishes her ill, what will he do to Xiao Ru? And what price will Xiao Ru have to pay for the hurt she caused to Shuo Huai in the past?

As Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu are busy handling the shocking issues they are giving one another, their fake marriage is discovered by paparazzo Jack. What will happen to the both of them? 
It looks like it's still a perilous path ahead for Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru.

Episode Preview:

Spoiler In Words: Can You Hear My Heart Episode 24

So cutee!

Spoiler In Words
Towards Dong Joo's confession that he is deaf, his mom says that he's lying to everyone and that he's only saying that to get attention. Dong Joo loses consciousness when him and his mom fell into the water together, and is sent to the hospital. 
Jin Chul questions Jun Ha the reason why he didn't expose Dong Joo as a deaf person. Jun Ha tells him, he'd better not underestimate Dong Joo if he doesn't want WooKyung Group to be snatched away.
Grandma cries and apologizes to Mi Sook, thinking she is Woo Ri's mother.

Via sallylin33@Baidu's CYHMH and naver

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Spoiler In Words: Can You Hear My Heart? Episode 23

Oh noes I don't think I like where this is going... what happened to the bromance in the earlier epis? D:

Spoiler In Words
Jun Ha provokes Dong Joo, saying it's not patience and neither is it the lack of confidence to win. Dong Joo replies that today will be the last time since he (i.e Jun Ha) cried. Jun Ha snatches Dong Joo's position in the office. 
Shin Ae arrives at Jin Chul's house, making a scene while Dong Joo's mom is present. Dong Joo's mom tells her that she will be compensated adequately and to stop making a fuss and get out. She adds that if she doesn't want to get kicked out by Jun Ha, she'd better leave the house immediately.

Via sallylin33@Baidu's CYHMH

Spoiler In Words: Best Love Ep. 14

Let's Talk About - Sunny Hill (feat. Zia)

Am SO in awe with BL's episodes lately. Before this it was just funny, and I found little heart in it but later episodes has proved me so, so wrong. This show  so can do both. And I reckon I like the "serious" bit infinitely more. And the fact that Dokko's fate hangs in the balance only makes my heart thump a frantic tattoo as I watch the show, gnawing my fingers off.

I'm with you so that my heart can "thump thump" again. 

Dokko sells himself out in order to let Ae Jung escape this predicament! However Ae Jung says she absolutely will not do so and went to press conference alone. Seeing that Ae Jung's scandalous speech has actually made the situation worse, Dokko proposes that his own heart surgery be made news to cover up the situation.
On the other hand, Mina and Se Ri finally meet, thanks to Pil Joo. The whole truth about Treasure Girls disbandment is finally revealed for the first time...

Spoiler In Words: City Hunter Ep. 8

I'm always looking forward to my weekly installment of City Hunter; the great show notwithstanding, there's The Comments LOOL. Vikiers have such a sense of humor that always catches me off-guard, and if I happen to be in a cinema with this bunch, I don't think I can keep a straight face watching the show. Not to mention my eyes keep straying to the top rather than the bottom screen... (sorry subbers!)

Spoiler In Words
Yun Seong who's shot drops to the ground like he's falling, and barely escapes with a rope. Nana chases through the broken windows, but fails to catch up because of the passed out Seo Yong Hak. At this time, Yeong Ju arrives.
Although he's a bit late in catching up to Yun Seong, but he's only a split second too late in chasing the car. On the other hand, with his wounded body, Yun Seong drags himself to Se Hui's clinic.

Chloe Says: Gah, since when do vets get to handle hot men?

Via Baidu's CH

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Lie To Me OST: Shameless Lie by Gayoon Translated Lyrics

Shameless Lie - Gayoon (4minute)

If there such a thing as an aegyo song, this would be it. Of all the nonsensical sounds...

Is it love, this exhilarating feeling?
If it's like this, I'm really in big trouble
I don't know (uh-oh) what should I do?
 Aigoo-ya, I'll be scolded for sure ah ah ah ah ah
There's no choice, you're mine. I must must must have you
Again again again I'm trembling, this strange yet nice feeling 

Love is a shameless lie, but there are words I want to tell you
I love you, I love you baby, can you see my heart? 
Come closer, come closer baby
I must really like you, wanting to be held in your arms

Quick, hurry, hurry, run to my side
Hope against hope, I'm hoping for a shameless lie 
La la la la la la la la la 
La la la la la la la la, La, La, La, La

Oh L.O.V.E but lie, but lie
Oh L.O.V.E 
I like it, 

I keep remembering your face, can't be expressed in words
What... should I say?
Opened our mouths, but no words came out from us both

Love is a shameless lie, but there are words I want to tell you
I love you, I love you baby, can you see my heart? 
Come closer, come closer baby
I must really like you, wanting to be held in your arms

Quick, hurry, hurry, run to my side
Hope against hope, I'm hoping for a shameless lie
La la la la la la la la la,
La la la la la la la la, La, La, La, La

Oh L.O.V.E but lie, but lie
Oh L.O.V.E, I like it, I like it
Oh L.O.V.E. but lie, but lie
Oh L.O.V.E, I like it!

Love is a shameless lie, but there are words I want to tell you
I love you, I love you baby, can you see my heart?
Come closer, come closer baby
I must really like you, wanting to be held in your arms

Quick, hurry, hurry, run to my side
Hope against hope, I'm hoping for a shameless lie
La la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la, La, La, La, La

La la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la, La, La, La, La

Chloe Says: As per usual, purple is English. I wanted to put "Aegyo Sounds" in another color but decided against it, lol.

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Spoiler In Words: Romance Town Episode 11

Ajussi, you choego! Jjang!

Spoiler In Words
Finding out that the person Young Hee likes is none other than Soon Geum, Da Kyum takes the painting he gave her and ran away from home. 
In order to organize the exhibition, Young Hee's grandfather's paintings are being sent to New York for identification, but it gets suspected of forgery. 

President Hwang tells Gun Woo, the lottery ticket that was place on his father's desk has disappeared; Soo Jung learns from the convenience store worker that Soon Geum actually bought two lottery tickets "at the same time" she bought the tickets for the maids on that day.

Spoiler In Words: Best Love Ep. 13

Although Pil Joo wants Ae Jung to think about the hurt Dokko has caused her, but Dokko confronts her, asking her to stay and together they will overcome the hurdles and that he would give her more love. 

Mina seeks Ae Jung's help yet again, and Ae Jung who doesn't know what to do is utterly confused. 

On the other hand, the abrupt end of Pil Joo and Ae Jung's love show has the reporters digging stories for the reason behind it. However Ae Jung and Dokko are not aware of this, and along with Ding Dong they went for a picnic together...

Spoiler In Words: City Hunter Episode 7

Na Na sees Yun Seong in what looks like him staying together with Se Hui. Her whole body cannot help but stiffens in shock, after which she left the scene. She is also reluctant to pick up his calls.
On the other hand, Yeong Ju scours the immigration's CCTV for more clues; finds that Jin Pyo seemed suspicous, and thus went ahead to find him. 

Spoiler In Words: Baby-Faced Beauty Episode 14

Err... so you are actively pursuing her now? Like right now when the OTP already had their moments and is as strong as ever? This is so weird considering Seung Il liked another woman enough to propose to her an episode ago *confused*
Spoiler In Words
So Young attends a Color Expo in a quest to get some inspiration for her designs, and there she bumps into Seung Il.  And in order to spend some with So Young, Seung Il made a bold move...

On the other hand, Jin Wook and So Young arrives at the batting place to conduct a survey on the apparels of dating couples. And suddenly, inspiration strikes So Young!
Chloe Says: Alrighty, since SIWs are somewhat ambiguous, maybe he just wants some time alone to ask for relationship advice? Like why is my woman so bitchy towards my step-daughter lol

Spoiler In Words: Miss Ripley Episode 6

Mi Ri in All About Eve's Kim So Yeon mode! In AAE, I've always thought Young Mi's downfall was pursuing Jang Dong Gun even though she was at the top of her game, not to mention a lovely cameraman BF by her side. Also, it was purely out of greed and jealousy, not love (οΎ’ ̄  ̄)
The problem is, in AAE I DON't have to root for evil one, but in Ripley, can or will I be able to do that? Idk, maybe I'll end up rooting for the second girl instead. 'bout time too, secondary lead characters for woman tend to be nothing but bitchy nowadays.

Spoiler In Words
When Mi Ri sees Yu Hyeon at the banquet, she makes up an excuse, telling Myeong Hun that she isn't feeling well and hastily left the venue.  Hi Ju is determined to get the job, she arrives at Mondo's Planning Office. She is extremely confused when she bumps into Yu Hyeon there.
On the other hand, after knowing that Yu Hyeon is the heir Mondo Group, she gets close to him on the pretense it's a coincidence.

Spoiler In Words: Lie To Me Episode 11 & 12

This is so, SO unfair. WHY must the week that I'm having exams be the week where the mostest interesting stuff happens? *pouts* 
RoTo 10 and LTM 11, you guys! I swear I'll watch you the minute exam's over.

Spoiler In Words Episode 11   
On board the swaying ship on sparkling waters, Ki Joon stumbled his away into a corner of a deck, looking like he's about to barf. A hand pats him at the back! It's Ah Jung. 
She snorts, saying that even the great President Hyun of World Hotel will show such a weak side to people (only to you, baby) and wonders aloud why he followed her here if he can't handle it (only for you, baby).
Upon their arrival at Jeju, Ah Jung and Ki Joon walked down a quiet path with lush palm trees. There's a limo, and there is even a mini-bar with all sorts of alcoholic beverages inside! A gorgeous basket of flowers and fruits can also be seen. 

Spoiler In Words Episode 12 
Ah Jung was unpacking her luggage when a tiara fell out. She picks it up, a heavy expression crossed her face because she met with Yoon Joo. 
Ah Jung gets a text message on her phone, and she finds out that it's Ki Joon: "Goodnight. Dream of me 'kay?" Ah Jung smiles and replies: "Go sleep. Let's meet in our dreams." She places the tiara on a soft-toy's head.

On the other hand, the World Group's Ki Joon's aunt, Ki Joon, Manager Park and several director sits opposite Chairman Chen and his people. Both sides are happy with the results and there's a pleasant atmosphere in the room, however Ki Joon's expression is solemn. Everyone applauds, Ki Joon looks on at them. 
At the end of the session, everyone is about to get up and leave when Ki Joon rose and looks at Chairman Chen. Everyone looks at him, wondering what he is up to...

Via dc and Baidu's LTM

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CYHMH? OST: Zia's Can You Hear Me? Translated Lyrics

This song will always represent Can You Hear My Heart For Me :)

The official MV:

The words "I love you", the words "I like you",
They are awkward words to me 
To a heart full of wounds like mine, they're difficult words

Whether it's drifting apart or temporarily separating from you
More than anything else, that pains me
After the pain, the heart that has gradually calmed
What should I do, what should I do
 I'm always wavering

This heart that loves you, can you feel it?
The hesitant look of mine, have you noticed that too?
Without you protecting me, I won't be able to live on
You said you'll be loving me, I miss that you like crazy

Hidden in the depths of my heart, this awkward confession... 
Can you hear it?
Seeing me like this, people laugh
If it is not you, if it is not you, what should I do?

This heart that loves you, can you feel it? 
The hesitant look of mine, have you noticed that too?
Without you protecting me, I won't be able to live on 
You said you'll be loving me, I miss that you like crazy

Because of love, fear that I'll get hurt again 
I'll be thinking about it even as I close my eyes
I still think I can't, I really can't
 If not for you, I can't, what should I do?

Now let me give you much more love
The love you gave me, let me return everything to you
Even if it hurts I'll still love you, even if I cry I'll still love you
The person I love, the person who will be with me forever is only you

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Spoiler In Words (Fake Version): Lie To Me Ep. 11

(Updated with pics)
It's Jeju-do love mode again, the island where most of the OTPs go for to further develop their relationship. 
As the title of this post suggests (and judging from the length of the spoiler), this is NOT the official SIW but I think it's got credit (I mean, how wrong can it get right? It's only two sentences). Someone from dc must have seen the OTP filming there, lucky noms :D

Unoffcial SIW
A new project commences at Jeju Island, the government sends assistance to help out over there. Hyun Ki Joon and Gong Ah Jung develops a love story in Jeju-do. 

On-site shooting pic@ Han River:
Chloe Says: It might as well be me in the pic, heh.

Updated: Now we know it's not me! (Bah, it's Yoon Joo)
Err... that's him right?

@ Jeju Island:

Via dc and Baidu's LTM

Spoiler In Words: Miss Ripley Episode 5

Holding a lunch box, Mi Ri walks in into Myeong Hun's office. She takes away the fake diploma on his table. 

Baffled by Mondo's Group decision to suddenly give up the acquisition of Hotel A, Yu Hyeon who has gotten notice of the Board's decision in the meeting can't accept it, and is determined to push forward the acquisition plan alone.

One the other hand, knowing that Myeong Hun is about to become the President of the hotel, Mi Ri actively pursues him...
Chloe Says: Heh, wait till she finds out who Yu Hyeon really is.