Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Miss Ripley Episode 6

Mi Ri in All About Eve's Kim So Yeon mode! In AAE, I've always thought Young Mi's downfall was pursuing Jang Dong Gun even though she was at the top of her game, not to mention a lovely cameraman BF by her side. Also, it was purely out of greed and jealousy, not love (οΎ’ ̄  ̄)
The problem is, in AAE I DON't have to root for evil one, but in Ripley, can or will I be able to do that? Idk, maybe I'll end up rooting for the second girl instead. 'bout time too, secondary lead characters for woman tend to be nothing but bitchy nowadays.

Spoiler In Words
When Mi Ri sees Yu Hyeon at the banquet, she makes up an excuse, telling Myeong Hun that she isn't feeling well and hastily left the venue.  Hi Ju is determined to get the job, she arrives at Mondo's Planning Office. She is extremely confused when she bumps into Yu Hyeon there.
On the other hand, after knowing that Yu Hyeon is the heir Mondo Group, she gets close to him on the pretense it's a coincidence.

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