Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Romance Town Episode 8

RoTo, one could certainly never predict where you are heading. Conflict over so soon? :O
Spoiler In Words
Gun Woo finds out Soon Geum's double life; after a long contemplation Young Hee decides to confess to Soon Geum. 

Because of King Asset Management Co.'s commemoration party, the whole of 1st Street became deserted like an abandon neighborhood. Right when Soon Geum is home alone, a thief comes to the house. That thief finds the winning ticket on the desk!


  1. oMOOOO Thank god. Thank god he will find out! Finally! Took time! (LOL) Ok, now can I think he will kiss SA knowing is SG? yAAY!!!

  2. Yeah it took two episodes or so lol. Hmmm kiss, I wonder? It isn't exactly the most romantic of situations, but oh well.