Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Romance Town Episode 9

To be honest, I have absolutely NO IDEA where the story will go from here. Am so spoiled by the cliches and predictables in kdramas nowadays that I'm utterly lost trying to forecast RoTo. 
Although, I do have one theory that lingers in my mind, that is: Who is Shi Ah's (SG bestie) child's father? Is it some unknown guy or izzit thatguyintheclub she kissed in the 1st episode (or was it 2nd)? Dun dun dun! If it REALLY is Young Hee, I say it will kill off any chances of an SG x YH-line. Not that they had a chance anyway, heh.

Spoiler In Words
Young Hee tells Soon Geum that he wants her to meet his family. He then takes her to a hotel, and right before a painting in the hotel lobby, Soon Geum says "Okay" to Young Hee. 

Soon Geum is determined to quit her job as a maid, thus she came to her the place where her father lives, a gosiwon (*dormitory-like residences for students).  She calls Kang Gun Woo over but then ignores him and the three just plays Go Stop. In the end, Gun Woo who does not have much money even owes Soon Geum's dad in gambling debts. 

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