Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spoiler In Words: City Hunter Episode 3 & 4

*(Updated with Episode 4!)
Not that I'm complaining, but someone is really slacking off on their job here. Whoever that wrote these SIWs is clearly a spoiler-phobe.
Spoiler In Words Episode 3 
Yoon Sung succeeds in getting his hands on the account book, and he plans to solve things his way.

On one hand, Young Ju (Lee Joon Hyuk) receives a courier package, inside containing conclusive evidence on the bribery...

Spoiler In Words Episode 4
Yoon Sung and his father have a clash of opinion due to their different beliefs, and so his father suggests that they each try to get to the second handler first...


  1. I like how these spoiler in words tell absolutely nothing...;)