Thursday, June 9, 2011

Spoiler In Words: City Hunter Episode 5

This was suppose to be a Conan moment, but taken out of context it seems like he's doing something else entirely...
The hotness of Lee Min Ho aside, this show has other hot guys too, lol. Whether it is the driven-by-revenge ahjusshi, cop-no-more still dunno-what's-his-name or the righteous prosecutor, it's hotguysdramalandia. *whistle*

Spoiler In Words
In the dark, with fear in her eyes she looks at the window that has been shattered by a bullet. Glass shards cut her cheek, blood trailing down her face.
Yoon Sung rushes to save Na Na, he quickly rushes into the building where Jin Pyo (his adoptivekidnaper father) is...

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