Monday, February 21, 2011

Tough Times

Real life's sucky. That is all. 
If it were up to me, I'll be frolicking in dramaland forevah.

So, this blog and I had a talk. Things did not go well. Heated words were exchanged. 

I've been feeling under the weather this few days, and while I was lying on bed I realize I needed to prioritize my life - more specifically my studies. That means a break from blogging, a looong leave till my exams are over in June. 

But fear not, I'll be still watching my fav dramas, just not all (probably one drama a week, I'll allow myself at least that). Tough times call for tough measures. 

Please take comfort by the fact that I would have no life - busy studying. But I will update once in a while, maybe...probably (don't think I can get stay away from hellochloe that long). Aiming to be a *chartered certified* <--(important distinction there) accountant ain't no walk in the park, baby. 

Bye bye chingus! Don't miss me, visit me weekly. Just think of it like I'm gone for military service, only 4 times shorter.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jeon Ji Hyun For Guess

I guess I could name this post "Jeon Ji Hyun Shows Off S-line in Guess Jeans" or something, but that would be just unoriginal (besides, what exactly is an S-line anyway? ANYONE could have one if they just stick their chest and butt out. Even men.)
Jeon Ji Hyun has been my girl crush since forever, because there's no one who can pull off such a bratty yet likeable character like her. Imagine anyone else doing My Sassy Girl. The horrors!

Eun Jung Reveals A Creamy Face Kim Soo Hyun

Remember I said in my last SIW that my boy has grown up? Well, he literally has grown up! It was his birthday last Wednesday! Happy Birthday Sam Dong ah! *breaks into a belated b-day song*
Eun Jung tweeted on the 16th some pics of them celebrating Kim Soo Hyun's birthday on the set, with the message: "Wishing Song Sam Dong a Happy Birthday. Studio's busy but filled with warmth."

The article goes on to say how happy Sam Dong looks, but me thinks how happy can one be after being smoshed with cream? You be the judge.

Via Chosun Ilbo

Friday, February 18, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Midas Ep. 1 & 2 (And Something Bizarre...)

I swear Apprentice has the same logo.

I must say Midas isn't attracting my attention much, a business show about M&A's? The only reason I could entice myself to watch it is that it might help my understanding for my accountancy studies. BUT (there always are exceptions) Jang Hyuk! He wouldn't pick this if the script is sucky, right? 
Sigh. The usual terms: Watching 2 eps to test the waters; may extend to four eps. BUT! If I get the faintest whiff of Hotelier, I'll be out faster than you can say Midas.

Spoiler In Words Episode 1: I guess you're someone who wants to make use of my abilities huh?

Mom is always humming that song about money her whole feeble life. She always smelled of fish; always talking about money. In the end she only left me a traditional market stall with 5 million won in monies, but I took that 5 million to invest in the stock market...

Spoiler In Words Episode 2: You want me to reveal my list of properties?
Gook Hwan went to the corner of the office and opened the vault, taking out one of the information. He sat back down on the sofa and placed the information right in front of Do Hyun. Gook Hwan tells Do Hyun that's the President's home and all his property, Do Hyun is surprised...

And Some Stills I Wanna Squeeze In...
Did a quick background check, and they are not siblings. Good. Will support them if they decide to have a relationship :D
 Min Woo<3

The Pleasant Bizarre Surprise
OMG OMG OMG I just realized something...I saw this newspaper cutting in Midas's Official Website and was freaked out by the Malay words staring back at me! Why, isn't that...a MALAYSIAN newspaper? Oh yes it is! If I'm not wrong Jang Hyuk went to Malaysia somewhere during January (newspaper is dated 22 January 2011). 
Big Yellow Headline: Jang Hyuk knows himself well
Headline on the right: The popular actor from Busan, South Korea holds the wish to penetrate the Hollywood market because he believes, it's nothing impossible if an actor is good enough.

Chloe Says: Now if you excuse me, I need to dig up some old newspapers.

Via Baidu's Midas and SBS Midas's Official Website

Spoiler In Words: The Fierce Wife Ep. 15 + Thank You Vid

Despite its storyline not going as I intended it to be, but this show has been garnering ratings, and I believe I know why: the acting is stellar, and you won't find any awkward acting by any of the cast members here. It's ratings are first in the nation! Woohoo~

An Zhen transforms into a beauty...
Like Audrey Hepburn. 

~Tip Fifteen: The me right now, is worse than a cat's~
Ai Ling secretly spreads Rui Fan and Wei En's romantic relationship. It caused pandemonium in the company; everyone is talking about it. Rui Fan's "good man" image is ruined, and his career is at stake...

Wei En discovers that this is all Ai Ling's undoing, she vows to return the favor and declared war on Ai Ling!

An Zhen met with an accident in the midst of a test drive with a customer, 
and is immediately sent into the emergency ward. Rui Xuan and Kang De tries to contact Rui Fan but to no avail, the unknowing Rui Fan spent the night beside Wei En...
And this is what I was waiting for throughout the series...
Tian Wei gets the news of An Zhen's accident and speedily went to the hospital, only to find An Zhen calling for Rui Fan in her sleep. Seeing her like that was extremely hard to bear. An Zhen slowly woke up and saw that it was not Rui Fan who took care of her through the night, but Tian Wei...
Daylight comes, and Rui Fan finally hears of An Zhen's accident and rushed to the hospital. Facing the Rui Fan who was absent throughout, An Zhen could not help the tears streaming down her face. Can't believe that Rui Fan brought with him a decision that made An Zhen faints!

A thank you message from Sonia Sui on behalf of TFW Team:

Via SETTV TFW's Official Site

Spoiler In Words: My Princess Episode 14

I don't know who 8Eight is, but I sure love this song:
Slander - Lee Hyun (8Eight)

Spoiler In Words
Hae Young has no other alternative but to live in the B&B. Upon seeing Hae Young's attitude towards that fact, Lee Seol panics. He tells her to take her time, but please do not push him away, the him that is standing right before her. He also tells her to go ahead and blame him.
Upon Hae Young's notification, Sun Ah, Palace Lady Shin, Gun Ah and Jung Woo comes down to the B&B. Together they spend happy times that are not easily obtained. 

On the other hand, Jung Woo leads the consortium members of the royal group and asked Yoon Ju to take responsibility for the whole "fake princess" issue and resign from her Director post. Hae Young holds an emergency press conference, and in the presscon he reveals Daehan Group's past. He aplogizes before the whole nation. 

Via Baidu's My Princess

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Binnie At The Airport & BIFF

Photos galore! Hyun Bin leaves to Berlin for its 61st international film festival on the 15th with Come Rain, Come Shine co-star Im Soo-jung.
This is kinda irrelevant, but was reported as a news anyway: Believe it or not, this whole outfit costs approx. 10 million won. How they found the brand of each and every item he wore is beyond me; check it out (USD conversion in approximates):

Giorgio Brato vintage leather jacket - 1.71 million won (1 500 USD)
Alexander McQueen's printed tee - 350 thousand won (300 USD)
Julien David scarf - 790 thousand won (700 USD)
D&G aviator sunglasses - approx. 300 thousand won (250 USD)
Dsquared2 faded jeans - 690 thousand won (600 USD)
Giorgio Armani black high-top boots - 1 million won (890 USD)
L'inoui bagpack - 700 thousand won (600 USD)

All of these, plus his watch from his private collection has a combined total of 10 million won (approx 9 000 USD). Which must mean that his watch is approx 5 million won (4 600 USD). *reels*

Makes me think this suit has gotta be cheaper; the couple in Berlin:

Don't ask me, I have no idea what he's pointing at:

Credits: Respective news outlets as indicated on photo.

Binnie & Tang Wei for Vogue

Oooh I love it when the mags pair up their models just like they do in movies. This pairing would not have been possible if it weren't for the film they did together, Late Autumn

Gorgeous individual shots:

I love that haughty stare of his ^^

Via Baidu's SG

Spoiler In Words: Dream High Episode 14

'Kay, hellochloe maybe getting a little cocky here, but she thinks she knows who K is (and thinks K is a solo artiste). I mean, isn't it pretty obvious when the show has this Grammy-sounding BG music whenever Sam Dong is on? Blimey if it isn't him. 
You That Day - Yoo In Na (yup the SG one) feat. Humming Urban Stereo

Spoiler In Words

Oh Hyuk receives a call from the police. Discovering the fact that Baek Hee was there when Jin Gook assaulted President Yoon, together with Teacher Shi they find Baek Hee. They hear startling facts from Baek Hee.

On the other hand, global record company EMG is holding a video audition. Due to the unreasonable conditions for participation, most students do not even want to take on the challenge. But Sam Dong quietly send in his application form. After Sam Dong's application, one by one the other students begin to sign up...

Chloe Says: I change my mind, this losing-hearing plot is actually a good thing for Sam Dong. He's bolder and more grasp-the-moment guy now. The Sam Dong before wouldn't even dream of joining. Aww my baby's growing proud of him *sniffle* 

Via Baidu's DH

Spoiler In Words: Sign Ep. 14

Oooh...another spooky SIW since Episode 7's hit and run case. Meanwhile, am glad to see Sign doing well. The show has earned it's share in advertising revenue alone. I'm not sure how much, but it's in the billions (*in won). *applause*
Because Of Me - f(x) Kyrstal (from the latest Sign OST)

Spoiler In Words
Return to the secret of Seo Yoon Hyung's case...hearing Da Kyung's screams, Ji Hoon quickly rushed to the room and got startled by a cupboard illuminated by a flashlight. At this time, behind came a ghastly voice of a grandfather; he is Song Shi who owns the B&B. At the other end of the room, Song Shi is watching is watching Da Kyung and Ji Hoon. Slowly one by one the villagers gather around Song Shi; the white and clear impression disappeared without a trace. 

On the other hand, Lee Su Jeong collapsed after attacked by someone. Yi Han recalls that during the incident, he has brushed pass the female perpetrator...

Via Baidu's Sign

TFW: Best Poll, Ever!

HAHAHA, this is one killer post! Polls the way I like it (translated from the original poll at SETTV TFW's Official Website):
So, if you have been here long enough I'm sure you know about my relationship with The Fierce Wife: A looooong story about this seemingly good man turn cheating husband (and on wifey's cousin too, might I add). hellochloe faithfully rants about it every week. hellochloe does not know why she KEEPS coming back every week. Why why why...

Results after the jump.
So which one did you chose? For me, well you know me, I'm a peace lovin' girl, therefore C) it was.  The results so far (highest to lowest):

A, B, C, D, E. 

Honest! It's really ABCDE. A,B,C are running neck-to-neck at 31%, 30% and 28% respectively with D and E no contest at 6% and 5% respectively. The humble ol' kitchen knife ruled them all.

Via SETTV TFW's Official Website

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Binnie The Barista? The Perfect Advertising Hero~

As promised, here's my cute Binnie post ("cute" refers to Binnie, not my post). It only took one look to convince me to translate this article, and it's none other than the photo below:
Isn't it...bwahaha! He looks so feminine. It's amazing how a different hairstyle changes one from chadonam (brash urban male) to kkotminam (pretty flower boy). He's so purty~

And no it's not his latest CF, as some of you might have already guessed from his wispy 'do, these are stills from one of his latest film, Come Rain, Come Shine.
Totally different from the Hyun Bin in Secret Garden that wouldn't even consider making coffee, in CR, CS he's seen gently brewing filter coffee, a scene depicting that his woman has left home. 

In preparation for this scene, our Binnie would rehearse by using the coffee maker and sometimes got too focus on acting he forgot all about the coffee, thus overspilling it...

However after his tireless efforts, he finally gets recognition by coffee lover director Lee Yoon-ki. Due to most of the scenes that required having Binnie in the kitchen, he was even dubbed "the kitchen steward".

Oh but please don't call him that, 'cause Binnie doesn't like it. He insists to be called a barista, but like all nicknames, they die hard. He grumbles, "Why do I always have to stay in the kitchen?!" Binnie's co-star Im Soo-jung comforted him, saying: "A man that knows how to make such good coffee, I shan't break up with him, ever!"

I second. To all men: If you can't cook, (good) coffee will do. 

Via Baidu's Secret Garden

SG: Ha Ji Won's double loses 8kg in two weeks for the role

Not quite new news...I admit, I was too lazy to translate -_-" But better late than never, right? Also have a cute Binnie article coming up, so please anticipate it! (gah, I sound like some actor giving a speech about their upcoming show).
8kg may not sound that impressive alongside Yoon Sang Hyun's 10 kg, but two! weeks! That means this lady here lost 4kg in 7 days! Holey moley! Is that even humanly possible?
In Secret Garden, actress Ha Ji Won may be a stuntwoman, but the real stunts were performed another stuntwoman. And this woman is 22-year-old stuntwoman Yoo Mi-jin who has appeared in KBS 2TV's Hello recently (or maybe not so recent >_<).

The theme of the program for that day was "Occupation". She said that as a stunt double working in the industry, she has develop a "shan't lose to the dudes" attitude, and no matter what she has to do more, and do better. 

She continued, "At that time, the martial arts director told her to lose weight, more specifically a 26cm reduction on the waist line...I thought I mustn't lose this opportunity to shoot, so within 2 weeks I lost 8kg."

The MC of the show expressed a high level of interest in this; asked her to reveal a thing on two, or a reproduction of Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin's famous scenes in Secret Garden. 

Yoo Mi-jin lived up to expectations; she wowed with her martial arts moves and even did SG's famous sit-up scene. 

Via Baidu's SG

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Dream High Episode 13

I Love You More Than The Universe - Donawhale 
Oh this written preview sounds heavenly! Not the "absolute pitch" part though, I don't need my SD to have special abilities like that, I want his EARS to be okay!! Shall never forgive Baek Hee if his condition deteriorates, hmmph!

Sorry for the lateness of this preview. Apparently it was out earlier but due to the overheated discussion of SamMi's kiss they retracted it. Kinda like what happen to Episode 15 of M3, heh.

Spoiler In Words
Sam Dong tells Hye Mi who has been worrying about him that he's okay now, and tells her not to take care of him. In order to overcome his weakness, he decides that he must learn absolute pitch* (the ability to identify or reproduce a musical note without an external reference; in order to play by ear). He enlists the help of the only person in the school who knows absolute pitch, Pil Sook. Hye Mi and Jason sees them both together and feels upset inside (loveee <33 this part).

At the showcase, Baek Hee's composition is discovered to be plagiarized. As a result she gets kicked out of the entertainment company, and is subject to the accusations and gossips of people. 

On one hand, Oh Hyuk gets the news that Jin Gook is detained at the police station for investigations. He immediately sets out to find Jin Gook. 

Chloe Says: You gotta give credit to Eun Jung's acting chops, 'cause I actually felt pity for her character in the past episodes; I was able to understand her frustrations at not being to achieve the same level of success as her now ex-bandmates. It's a wonder why Ria is achieving more popularity *shrugs*

Via Baidu's DH, assactaec and twitter

More (sexy?) stills from C-drama Moving Gingerly (Bu Bu Jing Xin)

"A love through time and space, a soul-stirring love story. Originally a city girl, due to an accident she finds herself in 18th century ancient China. And with her insight of the Qing dynasty's history she steps foot into the palace. She knew that she should not get embroiled in the princes' battle for the throne, but she could not help herself, for there is someone she loves, and someone who loves her..."
Blue & White Porcelain - Jay Chou
See what you've done to me, c-drama? I don't even find myself thinking about other dramas other than you anymore. And you have not even aired! 

This show brings back so much memories of costume dramas - especially those times when I cried buckets over their tragic endings. Do you know the ways a concubine would die when given a death sentence? There're three (perhaps more): One, you're "presented" with a cup of poisonous wine - lucky you if you get this. Two, you're "presented" with 3-meter long cloth - for you to gracefully hang yourself, duh. Three - this one is my fav; you lay down as they stack wet paper on your face, layer by layer until...well, you can't breathe anymore.

Boy, those were the days...notice my choice of word "presented"? That's because it's literally an honor for you to die by those ways, a merciful "gift" for the wrongs you've done (imagine the non-gift ways to die...). But anyhow, don't worry I don't think there will be any of those here, it's just something I remembered :)

Btw I'm on 4th Prince's boat. They're just something I don't like about this 8th Prince (maybe it's just Kevin Cheng)...oh well, things could pretty much change later on. Especially from what I've read, there's hardly any 4th prince-action in Volume 1 at all! He appears less than 5 times -_-" But things do get better once Ruo Xi is admitted to the palace. 

In these stills, 8th Prince has gotten wounded from an arrow, and thus had to strip his clothes (something I've missed from costume dramas). Ruo Xi is there to nurse him:
She must've stayed to long in the ancient times, 'cause no city girl would blush at the sight of a topless man (would they?)

Will history repeat itself? 
As the heroine is someone from the future, she knows too well that the 8th Prince will ultimately meet with a tragic ending. But due to the 8th Prince's tenderness shown towards her, she could not help but give him her heart. Therefore she uses her knowledge of history to help the 8th Prince evade his tragic fade and leave a peaceful life, but little by little she gets embroiled deeper into their rivalry for the throne.

Chloe Says: So which Prince are you rooting for? I'm now busy reading the novel that inspired it all. Huhuhu, time to ship - 4th Prince or 8th Prince? I've already made up my mind... 


Spoiler In Words: My Princess Episode 13

I know CNY has just ended, but the couple looks so good in red I couldn't resist.
Healing - 10cm (presenting you...another indie band! Check it out:)

Spoiler In Words
Hae Young and Lee Seol were spending some romantic time together when she gets a call from Hae Young's dad. This brings up the forgotten childhood memories, and with tears she leaves Hae Young's side. 

Meanwhile, Jung Woo uses the fact that he had switch the real satchel as a bargaining term in hopes that Yoon Ju will leave the chairman's position. Lee Seol tells Grandpa Park that she doesn't want to be the princess anymore and because of the shock Grandpa Park passed out. 

Chloe Says: OMG the last sentence...I literally sprayed water on my laptop because I was drinking (luckily it's H20) while reading that particular sentence. Is that suppose to sound suspenseful? Honestly I find the whole old people-collapsing-due-to-shock shtick kinda old (and I don't think octogenarians appreciate being depicted as people who faint everytime things don't go their way).  I suppose I must be turning into a jaded kdrama viewer. 

Also, what's this about Lee Seol wanting to quit every now and then? Is being a princess some walk in the park? I swear - sometimes this show make this whole being a princess thing sound so easy. I much preferred the political affairs going on in Goong, where you could really feel Yoon Eun Hye's struggle as she establishes herself as the princess.
Oh MP...sometimes I wish I hated you more. Darn I'm such a sucker when it comes to these two.

Via Baidu's MP