Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Dream High Episode 11

No words. I'm literally gritting my teeth in anticipation at all the drama that's inevitably gonna come.
One of the very first songs from IU:
Missing Child (Acoustic ver.) - IU
Spoiler In Words 
Hye Mi is elated to find out that she'll be debuting soon, because that means that she'll soon be on the same stage as Jin Gook. But alas, it's short lived. In order to prevent Teacher Kang from getting dismissed, Hye Mi, Pil Sook and Sam Dong must get an A for their upcoming composing test. But Sam Dong suddenly dissappears, and although their test is just looming ahead, Hye Mi has to find Sam Dong no matter what. 
On the other hand, Baek Hee's soon to be kicked out from Group K (huh, why?). In order to prove her abilities, she promises that she'll get an A from the upcoming test as well. 

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  1. Hi Chloe!!! Thank you for the preview^^ omooo I can't wait too...

    Btw talking about spoiler and episode 11, did you read the speculation that has been around?

    About episode 11? I think it fits, and that maybe is true... so let's see... below the speculation..

    ''Dream High Ep 11 Speculation - Translation''

    Dream High Ep 11 Spoiler Part 3

    Samdong leaves his house and wonders around Hongdae until he visits a club where Insung (Jingook's friend) works

    There he puts his ear right against the speaker that is blasting loud music.

    "If I do this... then I feel like my dream won't become distant from me"

    Insung had enough and contacts Hyemi "Please take him away from here"

    Hyemi leaves to Hongdae

    Ep 11 Spoiler Part 4

    Hyemi looks for Samdong in Hongdae and eventually finds him.

    Hyemi asks what is wrong, but Samdong does not talk about his ear.

    "Do you know what I have been thinking about? I have regrets.
    About why I followed you to Seoul,
    and entered Kirin Arts High School"

    Everyday, I think and regret it. The reason why I pulled you up on stage,
    and listened to you!!!!"

    He yells for a while until he says
    "So... now leave from my sight"

    Hyemi is shocked and watered with tears.

    Ep 11 Spoiler Part 5

    The principal tries to fire Teacher Kang as planned

    But the other teachers oppose his reason for firing him.

    If the reason for firing him is the low teacher evaluations, then how will you explain the admission's class outstanding improvement?

    Principal hesitates until he makes a proposal.

    "Teacher Kang will remain if the three admission students all receive A in the composing competition"

    The judge for the composition is Joo Young-Hoon.

    Dream High Ep 11 Spoiler Part 6

    The three admission students must all receive an A

    but Samdong is continuously absent from school.

    So Hyemi looks to find him.

    Samdong roams around until he wants to buy baked sweet potatoes, but he haggles the 2000 won potatoes for 500 won.

    Hyemi finds Samdong from a distance, eating helplessly with the potatoes smothered on his face. She comes and wipes his face.

    Ep 11 Spoiler Part 7

    Hyemi still wonders why Samdong has suddenly changed

    So she gives Samdong the K pendant that she got from Baekhee.

    "I don't believe in this kind of thing... but I want you to have it."

    While Samdong is listening

    "I let you go last time. I told you to leave. But you came back on your own."

    And touches Hyemi's cheeks.

    Hyemi feels a bit awkward, so Samdong grabs her hands

    "You will definitely regret later about what happened today."

    Ep 11 Spoiler Last part.

    Samdong returns to school.

    Later, Insung coincidentally finds music sheets lying around in the basement.
    He suspects that they are composed by Samdong.

    He is surprised, "this bastard... is a genius..."

    Composing competition results:

    Hyemi A, Pilsook A, Samdong B+

    Samdong asks why he got B+. Joo Young-hoon replies,

    "The song and melody are great. However, the brightening melody does not fit with the sad and dark lyrics."


    It's up to you to believe it or not.

    cr: sjk12

    Anavi ^.^

  2. Gosh, this is good stuff! Although, my heart is =(( Thanks so much girl!