Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Sign Episode 11

And more lies and deceit unveils. Honestly, other than the main two characters, I dunno what to think of the people around them anymore. Mr. Bowtie is NOT evil? Then where does that put Mr. Jung? My mind is reeling. 

Spoiler In Words
In the living room, Da Kyung, Ji Hoon and Mr. Jung are drinking tea. Through that, they unconsciously formed a camaraderie between the three of them. Mr.Jung reminiscence of what happened 20 years ago, when himself, Lee Myung Han and Kang Ji Hyeon were best of friends and still full of enthusiasm for forensics despite the harsh conditions.

On the other hand, Ji Hoon finds an unsigned letter in his own office. It only reads: "NFS Yoon Ji Hoon Medical Examiner". The envelope contains a snarl of a case, a 1991 news headline that went "The Nation's Best Conglomerate Backbone Cadre Dead"...

Via Baidu's Sign


  1. Hi Chloe!! Me again! ;)) LOL I'm stalking here...

    Thank you for posting about sign. I'm sad that doesn't have so much people (that I know) that care or watch this drama, and I love this drama :D so exciting!!

    Thank you for the preview, I'm sad I still didn't watch episodes 9 and 10, still no subs.. T_T Do you know korean or found subs somewhere?

    I have to say I thought I wound't like the main girl.. the main poster that she was in wasn't fair.

    I thought she would be a annoying character, but to my surprise I love her! So clumsy, busybody and all :). I think she and the doctor do a good couple, each gives what the other lack. I also like the second pair. So cute heheheh xD

    I like here, you update about all dramas I like or that I'm watching lol so is good :D

    Kisses and have a good day!

    By Anavi, your blog :D

  2. Oh the last part was deleted, I said ''Anavi, your blog staker''.. lol :)

  3. @Anonymous. Try kimchidrama.blogspot.com. They have up to ep 9 w/ subs.

    Chole thanks for the spoilers

  4. Well if it isn't Anavi the cute *blog* (important distinction, keke;))) stalker:p I think the reason why I the blog about the shows you watch is because...we share the same thought frequency? I've noticed that, lol. Like your comment about her being non-annoying, I had the same EXACT thought. Liked her from Day 1:X

    On the subs: They can be found on DarkSmurfSubs, I think. They're fast but some of subs are erroneous, due to it being subbed by a non-human translator (i.e software). But I'm sure being a seasoned kdrama watcher we'll be able to get the gist of what's going on;)