Saturday, February 12, 2011

DH: hellochloe's Top 10 Favorite Stills Collection

Wow! Just when I thought the show couldn't get any better.
Doremi - Donawhale (my indie crack of the week; fell in love with the singer's voice)

And then Stills have to top Show by giving us an angle like this. Am I imagining the levels of CRAZYROMANTIC vibe? Oh yes I am (hc, it's just a's fake! As fake as the fake showcase!) is what I tell myself everyday. 

Ranking second is this still, the composition guru with Kim Soo Hyun. One can only imagine why the expression on Joo Young Hoon's face.
JYH: *tsk tsk* This boy thinks he's all that...Wangja-pyung! *rolls eyes*

Totally made that up :P

#3 place, the Jjimjilbang-ice cream couple:
I think Teacher Shi has got tough competition, hihi.

At 4th place, another Woo-U pic:
Latest trend: Matching geeky glasses. Get a pair for you and your spouse now! 

#5: Another sweet couple:
There seems to be so many pairings on DH! I think it can even beat your daily achim dramas, hmm.

#6, This one is pretty cool:

At No. 7: This would have just been your typical BTS shot, but then Taecyeon looks at the camera and it makes all the difference^^

As of Saturday morning at 7:21 AM, I have yet to find a female term to match the word "bromance". Did some googling, ho'mance came up (what the...) 
Don't even get me started on sister-tryst =_="

No. 9 makes me wonder how cold the set really is. 

#10: I love Wooyoung's smile. It's geek-tastic! :D

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  1. ooh, love the WoohooU pix! Did you see the interview with Wooyoung in which he said he was trying his best to get into character by developing a good relationship with IU -- such as by waiting in the wings while she films with a packet of milk or something like that!!!

  2. @starbreez: No I didn't. But thanks to you I now know. Love! :X

  3. @Italia: Good good! (Way better than what I found) *Two thumbs up*

  4. weeeell u know meee. making up terms is my forte (?) hahahaah