Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dream High: Kim Soo Hyun Gets a New Hair Style

Nothing drastic like M3's Mu Gyul, just kinda spikier. But most importantly, does this signify something changing in the show? 'Cause as we all know, hair style changes always means some dynamic changes in characters. Let's take a look at Kim Soo Hyun on location:

I like this new 'do. Perhaps it signifies him getting more aggressive in his pursuing Hye Mi?  
Or maybe no more country dialect from him? D:

At first I thought this was Japan, but no, it's still Korea:

Suzy's with him too:

Him rehearsing his lines:
He looks sad:
 And he kneels? Why?! I hope it's nothing got to do with the hearing, 'cause I will bawl if so:

Via dc and twitter


  1. OMG I'm melting now XD can he be sexier than this?? OMG OMG OMG!!! I think he will be ok after the kiss issue since he is with HM cant wait till monday!!!

  2. @bluedelacour: Oh I believe he can! If he shows us those six packs, I know he has them under his shirt...:D

  3. haha are you referring to this six pack under his shirt??? haha