Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spoiler(?) In Words: Sign Ep. 12 it still Spoiler In Words if the episode has already aired? Never mind, this are the consequences if one has overslept due to not sleeping earlier. You compensate Zzzz....
It ain't a scalpel, it's a tweezer.

Spoiler In Words (kinda)
Because Mr. Jung has suddenly committed suicide (omo! Whaaaat?!), Ji Hoon who could not comprehend the reason behind it is in shock. At last he finds Lee Myung Han and questions him on what he had said to Mr. Jung. Instead Lee Myung Han said to him that there is a secret that should not be mentioned again. Upon hearing that Ji Hoon is only more committed to find it out. 
In the Han Yong Corporation the bizarre continuous deaths similar to what has occurred 20 years ago has happened yet again. In order to proved that the last victim Han Tae Ju's death was a homicide,  he steps into the autopsy room with determination, while Da Kyung stands beside him, aiding him. 

Chloe Says: Again, I'm so sorry for the late SIW! Hope you find this of use anyway. 

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