Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spoiler In Words: My Princess Episode 13

I know CNY has just ended, but the couple looks so good in red I couldn't resist.
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Spoiler In Words
Hae Young and Lee Seol were spending some romantic time together when she gets a call from Hae Young's dad. This brings up the forgotten childhood memories, and with tears she leaves Hae Young's side. 

Meanwhile, Jung Woo uses the fact that he had switch the real satchel as a bargaining term in hopes that Yoon Ju will leave the chairman's position. Lee Seol tells Grandpa Park that she doesn't want to be the princess anymore and because of the shock Grandpa Park passed out. 

Chloe Says: OMG the last sentence...I literally sprayed water on my laptop because I was drinking (luckily it's H20) while reading that particular sentence. Is that suppose to sound suspenseful? Honestly I find the whole old people-collapsing-due-to-shock shtick kinda old (and I don't think octogenarians appreciate being depicted as people who faint everytime things don't go their way).  I suppose I must be turning into a jaded kdrama viewer. 

Also, what's this about Lee Seol wanting to quit every now and then? Is being a princess some walk in the park? I swear - sometimes this show make this whole being a princess thing sound so easy. I much preferred the political affairs going on in Goong, where you could really feel Yoon Eun Hye's struggle as she establishes herself as the princess.
Oh MP...sometimes I wish I hated you more. Darn I'm such a sucker when it comes to these two.

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