Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Dream High Ep. 9

Winter Child - Miss A's Suzy (a song I find even more impressive if you listen to it without a video, Winter Child is an adaptation of a 1990 song by Lee Jong Yong and was also featured in Big Mama's Christmas album.)

Hye Mi, Sam Dong and Pil-sook got extremely good results in their last evaluation of their first year of schooling! However, this proved to be futile as it is not enough to get them promoted to a norm class. Because of this, Teacher Oh Hyuk suggests that they join the National Dance Assembly's "Dance Of The Year" competition. Incidentally, Group K (i.e the other four) will also be joining this contest.

Hye Mi and Baek Hee are the leaders of their respective dance teams, each compromising of four crew members. The two begin searching for people they like to join the group...

Meanwhile, the relationship between Jin Gook and his father is made public by the paparazzi. Jin Gook's dad fires an order: Bring forth Jin Gook to him! 


  1. I am still convinced that Song Sam Dong is the main here (though i ship JinGook-HyeMi)..Especially since there is THE!MIS!UNDERSTANDING! GAHH, HATE IT. :((

    My Wooyoung has my permission to not hurt our lil IU and go all lovey-dovey..until the show's over..aww i am so kind-hearted =))

  2. Ah we're just the opposites pal. You think SD is the main while I'm pretty sure Jin Gook is. While you ship for Jin Gook I am Sam Dongieeee all the way.

    But one thing we agree is our Jason X Pilsook coupling, so there :-*