Sunday, February 13, 2011

You Won't Wanna Miss: C-drama Moving Gingerly (Bu Bu Jing Xin)

A tale of a 25-year-old woman who met with a car accident, only to find herself in a body of a 16-year old Manchu girl during the Qing dynasty:
It is now the height of summer, unlike the early spring's first leaf where it is bright and cheerful at the promise of a good life ahead.
The sight ahead is heavy with greenery, perhaps knowing that its beauty have reach the peak, and the days ahead will only get worse. Like the way I feel right now. I'm now in the 10th day of my life in the ancient times, but I'm still thinking that it's all a dream, and when I wake up a pile of financial reports will be waiting for me, and instead of being in the 43rd year of Emperor Kangxi's reign, I am still the single 25-year-old white-collar worker Fang Ling, and not some Manchu adolescent who has not even reached 17* years of age.
Yes, yes, YESSSS!!!! Am finally able to muster up excitement for an upcoming c-drama equivalent to my usual kdrama loves. And it's even set in the ancient times, (something I would've usually avoided, mind you) and in Korean that would be sageuk. This is also no wuxia, and if I were to compare this show to something; personally it feels like c-drama My Fair Princess (the 1998 drama that became a hit everywhere in South East Asia; starring Vicki Zhao and Ruby Lin) and perhaps an echo of my one of my favorite manhwa of all times, The Bride Of The Water God

Leads Nicky Wu, Liu Shi Shi and Kevin Cheng at Moving Gingerly's presscon.

Usually, any show that describes itself as a political intrigue drama will leave me yawning...but hey! Moving Gingerly is not political intrigue, it's two brothers fighting over one woman, one throne. There. That sounds better. I'm wide awake now. 

On the the title Moving Gingerly, it's only my translation from the Chinese title Bu Bu Jing Xin. If we were to get literal, "Bu Bu" is step-by-step, "Jing Xin" is kinda equivalent to English words "scared" and "cautious" (meaning is somewhere in between those two). Therefore the title brings forth the meaning: "You have to watch your every step". What can I say? The royal palace is a dangerous place. 
Nicky Wu plays Yin Zhen, the 4th Prince. He's calm and restrained, outwardly revealing nothing. He likes silence and enjoys the solitude, and does not easily believe or accept a person. 
But once he does, he'll place you in his heart and will protect you forever, be it a friend or a lover. 
Liu Shi Shi is MaErTai Ruo Xi, a career woman who gets transported to the Qing dynasty when she met with a car accident. Initially reckless and daring, she proceeds to observe and understand the history that unfolds before her. After entering the palace, she becomes more cautious; she does not easily offend others or get deceive by appearances. Both emotional and rational, she'll put her life on the line for the sake of her friends. 
She's in love with the 8th Prince, the warm and affectionate Yin Si (played by HK's Kevin Cheng). Because of his mother's lowly rank, he's rather crafty and slick at doing things. 
He is in love with Ruo Xi's sister, MaErTai Ruo Lan. Graceful and elegant, generous and sensible, the epitome of a woman (kinda like Ruby Lin's character in My Fair Princess, me thinks). She has someone she's loved since young. 

Chloe Says: The heroine's name, which was MaErTai Ruo Xi has been subsequently revised to Zhang Xiao by the author. Not sure which one they're gonna go with for the drama. (Edit: Just had a thought. It's probably her name after marriage)
Please note that in the original paragraph I've translated from the Chinese internet novel, Ruo Xi is ONLY 13 years of age. That would mean she's thirteen when she begins to prepare herself to be selected by the Emperor as a concubine bride. I know that probably reflects what really happened during those times, but eww.

Via Baidu, Sina


  1. OMG Chleo, I have never watched a Chinese drama before but ANYTHING that involves someone traveling through has me on board ^_^ The plot sounds absolutely intriguing!!! Yay something different to look forward to thank you ^^

    Anna from NYC

  2. Opps I meant *traveling through time
    Huh Idk why after 16 years of going to school I still can't remember to proof-read my work T_T

  3. I've been following you blog for awhile now and just thought to come out of lurker status! So glad to see this! I didn't even know there was a new c-drama starring Liu Shi Shi! Definitely excited to see this. Though it bugs the hell outta me when they mess with Chinese history, BUT the cast and the storyline is going to make this drama amazing! Well at least I hope it does, =))

  4. worth checking out! if its a good (or better) than Jade Palace Locked Heart, then I am in!

  5. Oh boy! So much love for a cdrama. Me beyond happy!=))

    @Anna from New York: Well you're lucky your first c-drama's gonna be epic then! (at least I think it will :D) I too, am so looking forward to this I want to watch this like, right now. Was disappointed it has not announced a date yet:(

    @Wei: Uhuhu, am lucky my knowledge about Chi history is limited to Romance of The Three Kingdoms stories my dad tells me ('cause I didn't go to Chi school). I'll watch this and YOU can point out the diff between reality and drama, 'kay? ;))

    @crazyforasiandrama: Omo! I had a major crush on William Feng in Wind Cloud 2. Might just catch it...or maybe his next drama;;) Miss him so.

    From what I've seen, stills-wise I think this show is bigger budgeted. But of course that does not equals to better drama, or does it?

  6. truthfully, i'm very new to c-drama fandom. what little knowledge i have was buried 20 years of memories ago. grew up with un-subbed feudal chinese dramas which i loved but never understood. :)) so you i may need you to enlighten me sometimes. ok with you?
    i must say, c-dramas are much better than most tw-dramas scriptwise. must faster in plot and very frank dialogues.though i am waiting for that vaness wu new drama from the same duo who made autumn concerto.

  7. @crazyforasiandrama: Okay! To be honest my knowledge is getting rusty too, hope I understand the "palace talk" hehe.