Monday, February 7, 2011

Dream High Updates

Added, 'cause I just had to:
Boy, what a cover! Sam Dong ah~ *crumples to a heap and sobs*
My poor baby.

Sam Dong is at severe disadvantage. MiGook are after all childhood sweethearts. Who can beat that? In the Ferris Wheel, Jin Gook asks Hye Mi: "You wanted to sit in a Ferris Wheel too right? 7 years ago." before he swoops in for a kiss. 

Oh look! They even did a shot by shot comparison >_>

Ok, drama aside, here's a behind-the-scene picselca:
Taecyeon updated the photo post kiss scene in twitter. Ooh is that Jin Gook's scarf on Suzy?

That darn wheel:

Ferris wheel at night

T-ara's Eun Jung tweets about her new haircut
Not to be outdone by a mere guy, Baek Hee comes up with a shorter 'do! (I kid, it's not a hair rivalry, it's just a new look for the Lunar New Year). Got to say she's rocking it; love this look, as long as she stays clear of those purple streaks.

Going with the chadonyeo look [cool urban female; for male it's chadonam -which I've previously (erroneously) romanized as kkatdonam, sorry about that], she selcas herself with a mean glare and tweeted, "Yoon Baek Hee's 3 minute look! I trimmed some of my hair. Woohoo~"

MiGook couple shares a kiss in Japan
What is this, Athena? But even on SamMi's boat, I concede this looks good. There are speculations on Hye Mi being asleep since her eyes are shut for all three of the below pics. But I say who the hell sleeps on a Ferris Wheel?
MiGook has their share of hardships. It all started when Jin Gook broke his promise of being on a stage with Hye Mi and debuted in K with Baek Hee along with the group from the popular class. If that won't lose a girl, I dunno what will. 
As a result, the misunderstanding between them deepens. Later, they met again during their school trip to Nagoya, Japan. But this part hurts me the most (ooh I bleed): Disregarding Sam Dong who's waiting for her, Hye Mi boards the Ferris Wheel. Inside the passenger car, Jin Gook kisses Hye Mi in an attempt to express himself to her. 
Girl you can kiss all you want, but please don't let my Sam Dong see it Q_Q 

Miss A's Suzy gives herself a zero in acting
In a recent interview for KBS 2TV's variety show that was aired on the 5th, Suzy was asked to rate herself on her acting, she gave herself a "0", surprising the rest of the DH cast that was with her. 
Then she added, "Although it is zero now, I will strive for a perfect score in the future."

Also cast in the spotlight was the Woo-U couple, which has gotten a considerable amount of attention from the audience. Wooyoung was asked "How he would deal with the many XX in his relationship." (I don't think XX is an XXX related stuff, it just means the translator has no idea what it means in Korean. Yeah I know, frustrating. But believe it or not this is from a news article.) Wooyoung feigned innocence, saying he's just a child who knows not of such things. But in the same group Taecyeon was nodding vigorously and laughing, embarrassing Wooyoung (...okayy maybe XX is XXX related)

Taecyeon got an easy one: What would he do if he gets a day off? He answered: "(I) Would like to practice my Japanese and dance more. Due to the filming of DH recently, I'm behind a lot compared to my other (2PM) team members and I want to catch up ASAP."

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  1. She is sleeping?. Who sleep like this, I mean with her back straight? lol but I hope she is sleeping, please. And SD will see it... I read it somewhere... nooooo T_T

    by: Anavi

  2. I'm afraid not Anavi, it's just that she's closing her eyes... (I mean, who kisses eyes wide open?)

  3. my heart :(( its breaking into a million of pieces arghhh ill make sure that i bring my stash of crying tissues out :((
    hyemi why did you have to break this poor boy's heart?!

  4. @Anonymous: You and me both=(( If I'm crying at the sight of the stills already, god knows what's gonna happen when the scene FINALLY comes :(( :(( :(( shittt I need my Woo-U to keep me sane.8-}