Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Sign Ep. 9 & 10

I am halfway through Sign now and things turn fun when the characters are established in the 3rd episode - Park Shin Yang's character is too funnyy. I don't know whether it is intended or not since he's suppose to be the gruff perfectionist, but he cracks me up at every turn. Every time he yells (it's REALLY loud, by the way), I'm smiling amusedly in return. There's just something childish about his character - but then I realize that I tend to do this when a said character of a kdrama is trying to be serious (for instance like Kim Jae Wook in M3). Oh, I am also having major envy on Kim Ah Joong - she got to pinch his cheeks! 
How I'd love to do this, PSY has got such pinchable cheeks *yearn*

Just happened to stumble into this track from and I love it; from G.NA's latest album, Black & White:
I Miss You Already - G.NA feat. 2AM's Jinwoon

Spoiler In Words Episode 9
Ji Hoon is doubtful over the autopsy report and thus went to the location the shootout occured. When Myung Han found out about the news, he instructed his men to quickly find Kim Jong Ho. From the bloodstains at the scene Ji Hoon deducted that Kim Jong Ho was not the culprit, but in fact the victim in the shooting. And the evidence which could be found if they find Kim Jong Ho is like a ticking time bomb. 
Later on Kim Jong Ho finally dies. Yi Han and Da Kyung confirm his identity at the morgue. They intend to perform an autopsy to reveal the truth of the case, but because of the opposition from the family members the said autopsy cannot be done. Although Da Kyung knows that performing one without authorization would be against the law, in order to expose the truth, she raises the scalpel! 

Spoiler In Words Episode 10
Da Kyung who insists on performing the autopsy without the authority to do so receives a notice of dissmisal from the NFS. All the evidence obtained through the autopsy is retrieved by the police. Although Ji Hoon and Da Kyung had exposed the truth, they can no longer get involved and thus have no choice but to believe in the NFS. 
On the other hand, Yi Han and Woo Jin goes to find the Chief of the Inspection Division, Choi Jung Sub. They explained the particulars of the case and told him that the prosecutor for the case, Park Yong Jun is suspected of concealing the truth. 

As much as the Chief wishes to cover the truth of the case, under Woo Jin's steely glare and the fact that they have already uncover Yang Jong Su and Kim Jong Ho's real killer, his name and all the relevant details, the case is transfered from Prosecutor Park Yong Jun to Woo Jin. 

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