Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Long Live SG: Two And A Half Updates

Well, can't really say all these is SG related but it is related to the SG family, so read up, folks!

One: Binnie Goes To Berlin
...for BIFF (Berlin International Film Festival) for Come Rain, Come Shine. Well, no surprise there but first he has to obtain special permit to do so since these are overseas activities. In this regard, the ROK Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will be submitting a letter of recommendation to the MMA (Military Manpower Administration) justifying the reasons for him to go abroad from the 15 to the 23rd of March.

So if all goes well he'll be flying to Berlin on the 15th and attend the festival's official events, media interviews etc. on the 17th. He'll be entering the military on March 7 to undergo 5 weeks of basic training in Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do before a specific assignment is to be assigned. 

Two: Lee Jong Suk Gets Accepted Into Honkuk University 
Lee Jong Suk (23) will be enrolling in the university's Film Department as a [Year] 2011 student. He participated in the entrance exam last November and it is reported that the university's targeted enrollment was 2220 students out of 21 268 people who took part in the exam.

And a Half: Not a ground breaking news...except there will be OSKA socks!!! 
Nevermind the Oska is spelled differently. If I have this I don't think I would want to wear shoes, 'cause I'll be busy showing off me socks!

Via Baidu's Secret Garden


  1. woahhh lee jong suk is 23? i thought he was much older

  2. You'll be even more surprised to find out that he is 22, the age I stated was the korean age.

  3. I think he should die his eyebrows to suit his hair. The black eyebrows stands out too much in the photo above....

  4. oops, I meant "dye" not "die" oh no =((

  5. oh man, I ended up posting the wrong emoticon too!!! sorry folks. I meant to post this emoticon: :-o

  6. LOL Anonymous, you are too cute -don't worry bout the typos, we get whatchu mean anyway. But emoticons are important:D

  7. omg and to think, that I was once okay with oska and TS coupling. The age gap is a bit too much......

  8. "If I have this I don't think I would want to wear shoes, 'cause I'll be busy showing off me socks!" - Hahaha love this chloe! =))

    Me too, if I have these socks I wont bother wearing my heels to office and going back home. :X

  9. @Jeezvive: Oh I can't tell you how much I want those socks, more than I ever wanted the calendar or stickers. Socks are practical! Everyone need socks!

    Previously it was given as a bonus gift to fans who bought the calendar, but due to popular demand they are selling it on their online stores from 31st of January onwards. Price is about 4000 won (approx 3 USD)...*yearn*