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Take a Peek: 49 Days On The Scene

49 Days is one show I'll be VERY (Very very) disappointed if it turns out to be what's the right word...disappointing? Yes, it's three very(s) and that's how high my hopes are for this show. I knew I was in from the moment I caught whiff of the plot. Someone who has 49 days to collect tears of their love ones before they really die? Oooh you got me. I dig characters that are hanging-in-a-limbo, so to speak. More on what to expect from the show after the jump.

So What Am I Expecting? 
My first impression was: Something like Secret Garden, since they're doing the body switch and all. Except I think they won't be switching back and forth. So probably more like Who Are You? (which I thought was AMAZINGAWESOME in certain episodes).

Characters & Casting
It's pretty interesting, because Nam Gyu-Ri sounds pretty important in the synopsis, but let's face it: Lee Yo Won's the real main person here, since Nam Gyu-Ri's character is pretty much going to be comatose throughout the entire show. Her soul will be in Lee Yo Won's, which I found it pretty funny that everyone around Gyu-Ri are either broody or skeptics (hence the difficulties in obtaining the tears). Here's why I think why Gyu-Ri has her work cut out for her:
Gyu-Ri's fiance (Bae Soo Bin): Skeptic. 
Gyu-Ri's best friend (Seo Ji Hye): A chadonyeo. 'nuff said.  
Gyu-Ri's first love (Jo Hyun Jae): Featuring the holy trinity, a brooder, loner, cold. 
Yo Won herself (pre-swap): Depressed and suicidal.
The only character profile whose doesn't seem depressing is Jung Il-woo's character. But since he's a shinigami it doesn't count.

I don't have anything bad or good to say about Lee Yo Won, I've seen her in Fashion 70's and Surgeon Bong Dal Hee, and she's okay I guess. Not enamored but not appalled either. 

Jung Il-woo's going to be a shinigami! I smell more CF offers coming for him, 'cause he's gonna be the cutest shinigami in Korea. I'm anticipating to watch him actually, since I've not watch any of his shows before (nearly did, but no Take Care Of Young Lady was not worth it).

Oh lemme tell you about Jo Hyun Jae, I had a mighty crush for him once (has since subsided). He's the sole reason I managed to sit through that torturous Love Letter. I was as sad as the Soo Ae when I found out he wanted to be a priest. 

On Nam Gyu-Ri, no comment (she's pretty?).

Below are some of the shots taken by Lucky People Who Happen To Be There during filming:

The poster was hanging out at cafe Reina after class when she saw Jo Hyun Jae, Seo Ji Hye and Nam Gyu-Ri (not in pic) filming. They went away shortly after the shoot was completed. 
Luckily, she brought a camera with her and managed to take a few shots. She says she only got Jo Hyun Jae's side profile and hence could not recognise who he is. Can you believe it? I would have realize it's him in a heartbeat! Even without a side profile, because I recognize his back.
Seo Ji Hye who plays Nam Gyu-Ri's best friend. 

Here's another on-location blurry shots of the wedding scene, at what seem like the Han River. Mind you, I have not been to Han River before but I've seen photos my parents took on tour and it looks strikingly similar (or maybe all the rivers there look alike?):

Suddenly it's a funeral:

The poster shoot:

I'm not sure whether this is the official poster or fan made, but it's most likely the latter. Either way I don't mind 'cause it's Jung Il Woo we're talking about here:
49 Days premiers on March 16 replacing Wed-Thu's Sign.

Via twitter, SBS 49 Days's Official Site, JHJ's Forum (China)

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