Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Paradise Ranch Episode 5

The show is all about Creating Destiny(ies)!

I Promise You - Park Hyo Shin (the chorus is so addictive! I promise you lalalalala~) 

I gotta admit, this show is starting to get to me, I never fail to laugh whenever the chickens-on-the-golf-course is mentioned, despite the "joke" being mentioned several times. But more than that, I even teared up at some parts (or maybe it's just me having a weak moment; must be that something in my eye). hellochloe crying for a drama = good sign. 

Spoiler In Words
President Yang wants Da Ji to let Forrest participate in the race, the surprised Da Ji exclaimed: "It can't even walk properly yet, how can you expect it to go racing?" Then President Yang got angry and said: "Who made me spent 20 million won to buy it?" But Da Ji remain firm in her stance: "Even so, making it join the race is pushing it a bit too much!"
He reminded her that HE was the one who bore the expenses for the U.S trip, and so he wants Forrest to be brought to the Racing Association for a checkup. Da Ji could only stay silent...


  1. i really want to see this drama! kinda sucks that i have to wait a bit longer for the engs to be to watch this! thanks for the spoiler upadates!

  2. You're welcome, Anonymous! Wishing you'll have speedy subs:)

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  4. It same with me na.
    I watched "Paradise Ranch" some scene make my tear up. Even if it' not cry scene but character'a conversation & feeling that make me feel sad like they still have feeling for each other.But any reason that they need to be in their place. However i love this drama, i think they're so match Changmin&YeonHee

  5. @NoOn: Oh that's EXACTLY what I feel about the show! Except that...I'm on ahjusshi's side hehe.

  6. ahjusshi is very handsome. He should be the main lead.