Friday, February 11, 2011

What? You Think I Was Kidding When I Said It Was Italian?

If your tracksuit costs less than 1000 USD, it's a fake. And it's not The Tracksuit. It's Blue Spangle, ahem. And lemme introduce to you the rest of the churinings:

Meet the Blue Spangle, Leopard, Black Flower and Gold Stud. At 1.2 million won each, that makes each one of them costs approx 1000 USD with the exception of Gold Stud staying true to it's name, being the most pricey at 1 250 USD (1.38 million won).

Dubbed as "Project <Secret Garden>" by the official label yelocloc which has finalized its copyright of the tracksuits' designs on 29th December and it is only exclusively sold online at the moment. 

On the tracksuit that started it all, it may have not been sewn by italian ajusshis, but it's in fact made from Italian cloth (and I have a growing suspicion that Black Flower is made from French lace). 

But what makes it pricey is none of the above, it's the *bling bling*. It's the GOLD on the label, honey. 
A sportswear so precious, 500 customers who buys this will get a certificate that proves that the training is indeed plated with genuine 18k gold. A close up: 

Knowing this, who'd dare to mock your fashion sense again? Show 'em Binnie!
Actually, you don't even have to do this 'cause the labels on the outside :D

Via Baidu's Secret Garden and


  1. OMG...$1000 US for a track suit...NO WAY! And the label is on the

  2. Yes way my dear, at $1000 a pair I don't think I'll dare sweat in this :|

  3. I just feel unsafe wearing fashion one day someone decides to clip that gold plate label off my back. Someone might carve my back for it since I do live in a hostile neighborhood. Does yelocloc know we're still in a recession?