Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DH's Concert To Be Free (unlike SG)

Meh, whatever. I can't help but get bitter every time I blog about these things. Because whether it is free or costs a hundred thousand million won, I. cannot. go. *sniffle*
Seeing the success of SG's OST concert, the staff of Dream High has proposed that they do one as well. But the concert will be a tad different and unusual. DH's representative said, "This will be a free concert." This is DH's way of returning the support it has gotten from viewers. It is believed that the main audience of DH are youngsters and students, therefore the best way to repay them is to hold a free concert. 
The organizers said that in the next ten days, they'll pick the lucky viewers via the official website, lucky-draw style. The footage of the concert will be feature d in KBS 2TV's broadcast on March 1st.
Chloe Says: Hey, at least everyone has a fair chance of getting in huh? Unlike say, concert tickets that sells out in 5 minutes. 

Via Baidu's Dream High (from HF) 


  1. hi again! i found the vid i was talking about where suzy chooses kim soo hyun in an interview! here is the link

    ahh seeing this again makes my SD-HM ship sail with hope

  2. Oooh Santa!:X Thanks girl for appearing at the hours Tudou is working for me, if not I would have to wait painfully for the next 12 hours.

  3. hi again! i pm-ed you :)) haha its sooo gloomy over team HM-SD i feel like crying..why do we have to wait for a week just to get SD heart broken but if we do get a HM-SD ending i am going to do an in your face dance to all the haters haha i really wish