Friday, February 18, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Midas Ep. 1 & 2 (And Something Bizarre...)

I swear Apprentice has the same logo.

I must say Midas isn't attracting my attention much, a business show about M&A's? The only reason I could entice myself to watch it is that it might help my understanding for my accountancy studies. BUT (there always are exceptions) Jang Hyuk! He wouldn't pick this if the script is sucky, right? 
Sigh. The usual terms: Watching 2 eps to test the waters; may extend to four eps. BUT! If I get the faintest whiff of Hotelier, I'll be out faster than you can say Midas.

Spoiler In Words Episode 1: I guess you're someone who wants to make use of my abilities huh?

Mom is always humming that song about money her whole feeble life. She always smelled of fish; always talking about money. In the end she only left me a traditional market stall with 5 million won in monies, but I took that 5 million to invest in the stock market...

Spoiler In Words Episode 2: You want me to reveal my list of properties?
Gook Hwan went to the corner of the office and opened the vault, taking out one of the information. He sat back down on the sofa and placed the information right in front of Do Hyun. Gook Hwan tells Do Hyun that's the President's home and all his property, Do Hyun is surprised...

And Some Stills I Wanna Squeeze In...
Did a quick background check, and they are not siblings. Good. Will support them if they decide to have a relationship :D
 Min Woo<3

The Pleasant Bizarre Surprise
OMG OMG OMG I just realized something...I saw this newspaper cutting in Midas's Official Website and was freaked out by the Malay words staring back at me! Why, isn't that...a MALAYSIAN newspaper? Oh yes it is! If I'm not wrong Jang Hyuk went to Malaysia somewhere during January (newspaper is dated 22 January 2011). 
Big Yellow Headline: Jang Hyuk knows himself well
Headline on the right: The popular actor from Busan, South Korea holds the wish to penetrate the Hollywood market because he believes, it's nothing impossible if an actor is good enough.

Chloe Says: Now if you excuse me, I need to dig up some old newspapers.

Via Baidu's Midas and SBS Midas's Official Website


  1. Chloe you don't like Hotelier? I love Hotelier.
    hahahahah I thought it was a good drama and enjoyed it... loool.

    By Anavi.

    ps: I'm also not excited to watch this.. but I'll give a try, what I find weird is that No Min Woo will play a guy that has 31 (what? 31 for No Mi Woo? I think 28/29 would be better lol )

  2. Oh I forgot. No Min woo without make up is SO much better, in MGIAG he just gave me a 'girly' feeling and I couldn't fall for his charms.. :| but he without it is so good looking :X


  3. Hello dear Anavi! Erm, I'm kinda hazy on Hotelier, but I remember the overall "feeling" it gave me: a big yawn. MAYBE my memory is deceiving me, I don't know.

    Well ALL actors have to don makeup for the cam, but yeah natural makeup for Noh Min Woo looks better:)). Shalala I think I will develop a second storyline syndrome *(note: shalala is me singing).