Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Woo-U pedia

The peace lovin' me is glad that despite the differences we may have in Dream High (read: SamGook) on who should get the girl, we can all agree on one thing:  "W" is for "Woo-U wooed my heart. Woot!" 

Sorry for the lame-ish alliteration. That's whatchu get whenever I get near the Milk Duo, they're THEBESTCUTESTCOUPLEOHMYGOD. Forgive me? And won't you join me? Milk is good for you.
Here's the biodata of the couple, plus quirky bits Wikipedia doesn't tell you. Everything else from their favorite food to the endearments given by fans. Geez, what a fan girl wouldn't do. 

Known as: IU
Name: Lee Ji Eun
Height: 162 cm Weight: 43 kg
Blood type: A
Debut date: September 23, 2008
Stage debut: Mnet's M!Countdown music program, for her single "Missing Child"
Interests: Reading, Singing and Dancing
Featured Talent: Singing and Guitar playing
Genre: R&B, Pop Ballad, Soft Rock, Soul
Fav Food: Sashimi, Candied sweet potato
Fav Actor: Kang Ji Hwan, Jung Jae-young, Han Ji Min (something tells me she's a Capital Scandal fan)
Fav Musicians: Kim Tae Woo (lead singer of g.o.d), Gummy, Tamia
Part of body not satisfied with: Nose is flat (quoted IU in SBS's variety show, Heroes)
Ideal man: Kim Tae Woo, Yoo Ah In (hehehe, don't we all?), BIGBANG's Taeyang, Song Joong Ki, Yoo Seung-ho. 
Agency: LOEN Entertainment
School: Dongdeok Girls High School
Endorsements: Online game, "Alicia Online" and "Dungeon & Fighter"
China Fanclub: GuiStar (about GuiStar, it's a mashup word from Guitar+Star, the guitar refers to IU's guitar, fans hope to be IU's guitar, accompanying her as she churns out wonderful melodies)

Name: Jang Wooyoung 
Group: Member of JYP's 2PM, specializes in acrobatic dance

Family: Father, mother, sister.
Interests: Dancing, Listening to music, Online games
Featured talents: Hip hop dance, Ssanti dance (cheesy gag dance)
Fav Food: Everything
Fav color: Yellow
Fav musicians: Bobby Kim, Ra. D, Yoon Do Hyun, Park Jin Young
Ideal woman: Lee Sooyoung, Jung Ryeo Won, Yoon Seung Ah, Kim Yuna (likes the "pure" image, doesn't like skinny woman, especially hates scantily dressed women) (B-but...isn't Jung Ryeo Won skinny?)
Part of body not satisfied with: Face, eyes. His face puffs up, especially when he wakes up in the morning, looking as if he'd cried. 
Unable to live a week without: Rice, chicken, water
Secretly dreams to be: A bird, because it can fly faraway. 
*cue DH pic*
Nicknames/Monikers: Gosh this list is too long (mostly acquired from his participation in variety shows). Meanings as to why on the side.

Woodong/Udon/Mandoo - due to his puffy cheeks (you mean like Park Shin Yang's?) *pinch*
Owl (Boo Ung Ee) - sounds like his name in Korean
Jang Jandi - Him cross-dressing in uniform, a parody of BOF's female lead Geum Jandi. 
Chicken Lover (Dakdukhu) - Because he loves chicken.
Toshio Wooyoung - due to him wearing a costume in 2PM's reality show "Wild Bunny" that made him look like Toshio, the boy ghost from The Grudge).
But a very very cute Toshio ^o^

Tibetan Fox - It is said that it looks like him. Or vice versa. 
(credits to PioTheOreo for the illustration, thanks for the lulz)

Also, here's what the Chinese fans dubbed him, please take note that his name in Chinese is Zhang You Rong. To get the pun, I inserted the hanyu pinyin of the nicknames.

Rou Rong - means meat. A pun on his name in Chinese, You Rong.
Rou Rou - also meat. "Rou" is meat. In Chinese, we double the words for the cutesy factor.  
Wu Hua Rou - meat also. Literally means "5 flower pork" which is basically pork belly. What's with the carnivorous nicknames, haha.
Zhang Mei Yong - Zhang is his surname, "Mei Yong" means useless, probably meant it in a cute way? I dunno, since if anyone called me that I'll be majorly offended.
Zhang You Yong - again Zhang surname, "You Yong" means useful.

Rou Rou is most popular ^^

Via Baidu, dc


  1. MY favorite nickname of his is AngAng Wooyoung/JingJing Wooyoung...cause he whines/fake cries a lot in wild Bunny. THE.CUTEST.EVER.
    And Mandoo, loveee his cheeks.

  2. ToshioWooyoung! Love Idol Army S3 and Wild Bunny.

    I can't get enough of that 'Mm' sound that Jason made when trying to convince Pilsuk (and himself) that he was only watching the movie for research! "Mm."

  3. @ilikehim: After much deliberation, I think I'll go with Tibetan Fox (LMAO). Though Rou Rou is catchy. I think I shall call him Rou Rou^^

    @starbreez: Yeah that was cute. They were like:

    U: Wanna eat (popcorn)?
    Woo: Research purposes only.
    U: *nods*
    Woo: *nods*