Monday, February 7, 2011


That's my title for this article, original title being, "Could minor Suzy's kiss scene be broadcasted?" Eh, if you're gonna break my Sam Dong's heart, at least make it worthwhile. Don't gimme some half-assed smooch, 'kay?
This is the nth time I'm looking at this photo >_>

Apparently the kissing scene between Miss A's Suzy and 2PM's Taecyeon is causing a big headache to the KBS. 

February 7th's broadcast of Dream High will contain a kiss scene between the two leads. However, until that morning they still have not decided whether or not to edit the angle of the kissing scene. This is because actors born on 1994 or later are considered minors and therefore they'll have to be especially careful in showing footage of kissing scenes (i.e mainly the angles)
In this regard, the EP for Dream High said on the 7th (i.e today): "It's currently still being edited now, and after editing it'll have to go through reviews by KBS. If there still issues, then it'll have to be re-edited." He explained further: "In the past KBS TV dramas has aired kissing scenes involving minors and there wasn't any problem. But we can't be sure what's going to happen this time, therefore we're acting prudently."

The head reviewer for KBS said: "This part will be discussed again.", "Looks like we need to discussed this further with crew members that were involved in KBS's past shows."

Chloe Says: This article was originally from Nikkan Sports, published today at 4:25 PM. Meh. I'm not expecting a frenchie, but can you at least don't make it awkward like that first kiss in Family's Honor? (what a waste of Park Shi Hoo!)


  1. from the picture above, it does look like an awkward kiss... sigh, but im happy its not a real kiss b/c im a HM-SD shipper.

  2. I love SamMi to death...but more than that I'm a rom com lover. I want my scenes to be perfect! Perhaps they can fake some smooching with the camera from afar? :-*