Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Binnie The Barista? The Perfect Advertising Hero~

As promised, here's my cute Binnie post ("cute" refers to Binnie, not my post). It only took one look to convince me to translate this article, and it's none other than the photo below:
Isn't it...bwahaha! He looks so feminine. It's amazing how a different hairstyle changes one from chadonam (brash urban male) to kkotminam (pretty flower boy). He's so purty~

And no it's not his latest CF, as some of you might have already guessed from his wispy 'do, these are stills from one of his latest film, Come Rain, Come Shine.
Totally different from the Hyun Bin in Secret Garden that wouldn't even consider making coffee, in CR, CS he's seen gently brewing filter coffee, a scene depicting that his woman has left home. 

In preparation for this scene, our Binnie would rehearse by using the coffee maker and sometimes got too focus on acting he forgot all about the coffee, thus overspilling it...

However after his tireless efforts, he finally gets recognition by coffee lover director Lee Yoon-ki. Due to most of the scenes that required having Binnie in the kitchen, he was even dubbed "the kitchen steward".

Oh but please don't call him that, 'cause Binnie doesn't like it. He insists to be called a barista, but like all nicknames, they die hard. He grumbles, "Why do I always have to stay in the kitchen?!" Binnie's co-star Im Soo-jung comforted him, saying: "A man that knows how to make such good coffee, I shan't break up with him, ever!"

I second. To all men: If you can't cook, (good) coffee will do. 

Via Baidu's Secret Garden


  1. hahaha he sure is different, I like this hair more than SG. :X

    I prefer a man who knows how to do good food than coffee, I know how to do coffe but food isn't my fort. :))

    I have to say I think in the singer Rain, everytime I read this title. LOL And I'm not even his fan...

  2. Didn't he spend some time in Hawaii to learn how to pick and roast coffee? He totally looks so different. Me like his look better in SG.

  3. @Anonymous: What, Rain?! Why...?

    @sophie: Oooh yes he did, but I guess roasting and brewing is a diff process altogether. Me too! I prefer the cool urban guy look as well, hehe:-*